The Savage Time Time Paradox

I just watched this three part for the first time in a long time. Thinking about the ending, even with the Blackhawks doing clean up, they did not address the impact to history events that transpired since the League’s arrival in the past. Surely it wasn’t just Vandal who knew how to build with advanced technology. Or the fact that these massive weapons weren’t thought up for use in future wars. Could it be this intervention was needed all along to get to the point where Wayne could build a massive space station in our time? Luthor is capable of dreaming up advanced machines. We didn’t get a butterfly effect that I could notice. Bruce’s parents still die, the Flash still gets struck by lightning, etc… We know the events of the episodes impact the time stream as Steve recalls Diana and the Blackhawk island episode much later validates the events. Bring on your theories as to what you think their impact with history did to Bruce Timm’s animated universe.