The second batch of DC Universe Originals should be these

  1. Wonder Woman the animated series
  2. Teen titans S6
  3. Green lateen the animated series S2
  4. Legion of superhero’s S3
  5. Birds is prey the animated series
  6. Justice league unlimited ( new superhero’s like people from the team in young justice also use of different characters)

Tell me if u like my list and what would your list be I’m gonna keep begging for a Wonder Woman the animated series :joy:


I’d like Green Lantern S2 and a Justice League Unlimited continuation but I want more live action originals than animated.


I’m with TX85 on this. More live, less animated.

Which brings up an interesting point. I really dislike the cheap animations that Warner Bros. do. I understand the cost concept, but if their animations were more fluid and detailed (like Disney or Dreamworks) they would be so much better. Just a pet peeve.

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No more JLU. It ran it’s course and had a dedicated conclusion.

I’m all for more animation.

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Animated is the better option and i would like to nominate Batman beyond and maybe static shock and how have we not gotten a Batman/ninja turtles show that would be a great combo

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To elaborate: I’m all for more animation regarding shows that have never been done before.

Continuations of shows that ended a decade or longer ago? Nah. Let them be. Please. I love the Legion of Super Heroes but would rather a new show than continuing the existing one.

Green Lantern TAS being the only exception as it ended under a decade ago.

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Made a new youtube channel called the RedBlack Phoenix Podcast. It would be cool if you subscribed :facepunch:

Young Justice Season 4
Titans Season 2
Doom Patrol season 2
Stargirl season 2
Harley Quinn Season 2
(No swamp thing season 2)
Green Lantern TAS Season 2
Hawk and Dove season 1 (mini 8 episode season)
Justice Society Season 1

I think swamp thing won’t be able to make a second series of content given the characters nature. But maybe an Animal Man Season 1

Hawk & Dove
Red Hood & Outlaws

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All of these have already gotten their chance, whether live or animated. I think characters that haven’t had shows should get something. Lets see live shows for Animal Man and Blackhawks, and an animated anthology House of Mystery show.

If anything, I think it’d be really cool if DC decided to make 1 hour specials for a bunch of characters in different formats and then just continued the most watched ones.


Lessee - unlimited budget and access to any DC characters I want?

  1. Wonder Woman Animated. Because it’s about damn time. Give me something along the lines of B:TAS, S:TAS or Spectacular Spider-Man (No WW & The Star-Riders please). Standalone, character driven-episodes that explore her entire whole rogues gallery, setting up both short and long story arcs. Throw money at the team that did The Last Airbender, let them use The Legend of Wonder Woman as a series bible, and let them go to town.

  2. Yet More Young Justice: perfect the cloning process so that the YJ team can create more than just 26 episodes a year. I want spin-offs, fill-ins, one-shots, feature-length movies and a metric ton more of everything.

  3. Blue & Gold: Buddy superhero cop show with Blue Beetle (Ted - Alan Tudyk) and Booster Gold (Nathan Fillion). Supporting cast members from the JLI pop in once in awhile so that Guy Gardner can get punched in the face. Rampant time-travel shenanigans. Skeets voiced by Billy West. Live action because I already have everyone else in the animation industry working on #1 and #2.

Annnd I’m spent…

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@Super-Squirrel Wonder Woman and the Star Riders…I remember hearing about that. I wouldn’t have been against it if it had happened.

But…it was basically just a Wonder Woman flavored take on She-Ra, so I’m glad it didn’t fly.

@ColdSmokeMike Yes to a Blackhawks show! That’d be great.

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A Blackhawks movie is currently in production. Steven Spielberg is directing

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#3 - Yes, please. Take my money now!

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Super sons animated tv show (perfect for those asking for a family friendly show)
Live action Batman Beyond
Dr Fate Live Action show
New Gods animated tv show
Random thoughts no real reason for choices

SuperSons animated series!!! Yes please.

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@ Vroom - When I said ‘No WW&The Star Riders’ I meant I didn’t want what happened there to happen here. I was actually really excited at the time - not only were there going to be comic tie-ins, there was a whole figure line planned as well (I very clearly remember walking down the Barbie aisle at Toys ‘R’ Us and feeling weird looking for them). It was a huge push that just evaporated into nothing, giving me the sadness.

Considering what was intended, I think it would have ended up being more like She-Ra meets DC Superhero Girls. Heck, they had Ice and Dolphin in the group! Would have been awesome.

On topic, I’d love a Super Sons series as well (especially as long as Peter Tomasi is involved).

The Question live action series.
Booster Gold movie or series
Ra’s Al Ghul live action series

Who’s with me??

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I agree with the House of Mystery Anthology. Blackhawk also. Would prefer WWII but understand if they go the modern day mercenary route. Powerless perhaps in the original format. War That Time Forgot and a show featuring the Science Police and possibly a “documentary” series showing the “history” of the world.
And just in case anybody doesn’t get it I mean a timeline of the DCU at least for the app.

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This isn’t an established group but I always thought it was strange that all those superheroes had comedy sidekicks. Perhaps not for the forties but these days it would be suspicious. I always wondered if maybe these sidekicks weren’t secretly government agents assigned to keep an eye on them. You could call them the Network. In any case I thought it was an idea worth floating.

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