the shop is kinda skimpy on the Superman stuff

I think you there in the offices need to start celebrating your Man of Steel a little more.You get Henry Cavel,a guy who straight looks likes he is ripped from a Dan Jurgens comic and for whatever reason you have him on the bench.I think the dc cinematic universe needs to not undo what Snyder did but add the underware.Put Superman as we the comic fans have seen him portrayed in there if its salvageable and instead of trying to to do general audience storylines where anybody can jump on the wagon,know that the majority of the people who are there to see him allready know and we would love to fill in the questions that our children would ask.I really didnt appreciate Superman enough untill he died and then the magic of learning to read the stories that were in his comics and all others.I was 8 and lost, but knowing what that S stood for then due to Christopher Reeve.Cavell needs to soar again before he gets too old for the part and you miss and opportunity.Give us Superman as he always was.The never ending battle of Truth,Justice,and the American way