The Ultimate DC Digital Comics Library Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their questions in our Master FAQ thread. It’s been exhilarating to see how much our work has meant to you, and reassuring to know that we have our sights set on the same future as our fans.

While you’re sure to still have questions after reading this document, the below account for 80% of the 300+ excited queries we received last week. Please do bear in mind as we march forward that this is a process, and you will see our improvements in a few phases.

Without further ado, we present to you the answers to your frequently asked questions!


:star2: Will the expansion be all at once? What’s the date and/or schedule?

We are rolling titles out in a few large batches, roughly ever week. You can expect to see everything we intend to carry on the service by the end of April. There are some exceptions you will not see in our Ultimate DC Comics Digital Library, which you can read all about below.

:star2: Will you have Vertigo, Milestone, Black Label, and other imprints?

While we are huge fans of the various imprints acros s DC, we are currently not going to be featuring Vertigo titles, and most other DC imprints. You may see some representation around the edges where exceptions are made, but these will be few and far between.

:star2: How about Elseworlds, or crossovers like Batman/Predator or Superman/Aliens? Or movie tie-in comics?

Generally, yes. But there are some exceptions if found under specific imprints or other rights holders. Please explore the rest of the FAQ to gain a better understanding of what might inform our library shelves.

:star2: Will you have graphic novels and other collected publications? Or just single issues? Or both?

We will be featuring strictly DC single issues that are available digitally. What this doesn’t include are collected editions like trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and other published collected editions.

:star2: Does this mean no more rotation?

Yes, we are no longer rotating comics! While we may remove certain titles on occasion, we have no intention of continuing the rotating comic program. When possible, we will give you advance notice when a title is going to be removed from the service.

:star2: Are “new” comics added on a weekly or monthly basis?

We will be adding more comics every week from titles published 12 months ago, as well as newly digitized/archived titles.


:star2: What functionality will be offered to help search and sorting?

Over the next couple of update releases, we will be adding more and more functionality to allow for better filtering and sorting. You’ll see some of this in the release rolling out this week, and more in coming months. Key updates from this week will be some era, character and creator filters that you can then sort alphabetically or by publication date. We will also be making our collections persistent, instead of disappearing with the end of a certain theme’s focus. We are constantly making improvements to DC Universe and as always, we welcome your suggestions in the Support & Feedback category!

:star2: Will there be an indicator when an issue has been read, like a green check mark?

Not yet but we agree this is necessary. More to come soon!

:star2: What features is the team actively looking at and working on for the future?

-Mass download option for collections, with exploration into “mass -selection” feature
-Public list sharing
-Personalized comic recommendations based on read history
-One-Click “Want to Read/Favorite/Get It Later” list option on comic icon
-Batch adding of a series to your lists
…and more we’re not quite ready to talk about yet!

:star2: Will there be parental controls on this content?

This is one of our most requested features, and the team is definitely looking into it. However, DC Universe is not intended for children at this time. Therefore, comics targeted to kids, like DC Super Hero Girls, for example, will not be found on the service.

:star2: Will all comics have the download option for those with poor internet?

All iOS and Android mobile devices currently have the option to download or stream comics from the app.


:star2: Will there be guides for reading orders? What is the best way to find specific story arcs? What are all the ways cross-overs and tie-ins will be considered and organized?

We have been, and will continue to, develop collections that reflect the correct reading order. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our amazing collections, this is the perfect time! For example, our Get to Know! Collection of Doom Patrol, found here: DC Universe.
Over the next few weeks we will roll out our persistent (AKA, will not disappear) collections which will have reading orders for all key storylines.

:star2: How will collections be searchable? What informed your choices?

We have three categories that make the collections live and searchable on the service:
Get to Know! – A collection of content made to introduce users to a particular character.
Storylines – These are stories that are our most popular and essential stories.
Showcase – A catch all for the themed collections that are not necessarily storylines (i.e. talent spotlights, holidays, etc.)

We have focused our storyline collections as stories that have accompanying video content, are critically acclaimed, are a large event, or span across multiple comics series. Most of what we are not making live are the lesser known stories and those that fall as a set of issues within one comic series (with some exceptions).
Those that are live within a category will be searchable and should be easy to find. If you passionately disagree that we should have a particular collection, let us know!

Additionally, with all the new content rolling in, our resident collection master will be working tirelessly to make sure all represented collections are up to date. You may notice that certain issues are missing- please bear with us as we catch up to this tide of awesome!


:star2: How will DC Universe share new content added to the service every week?

The same way we always have! Keep your eye on the DC Universe Homepage and check out the “What’s New” row, or the “New Comics” row. We also highlight new additions every Tuesday in our News section and the Watchtower category on the forums. What a time to be alive!

:star2: Will there be an ongoing effort to upload comics as they’re digitized? Will newly digitized back list titles be added to DCU right away?

Yes! Because we are one of the valued partners of the digital archivists, we will receive issues as they’re digitized. For those interested in digital archiving, we are hoping to get an opportunity to highlight the process soon, so keep an eye out!

:star2: What’s with the gaps/missing random issues?

There are a few reasons for missing issues:
–Comics have not yet been digitized
–They fall under an imprint we do not have on the service (Vertigo, Wildstorm, etc.)
–They are strictly children’s contents
–They are part of a feature set specific to a trade paperback or collection edition.
–Prior licenses

:star2: Will I ever be able to buy comics separately from my subscription, a la carte, that are less than 12 months old on this platform?

Not at this time.

:star2: Is this the ENTIRE digital library, or an expanded library?

This is a library of 22,000 comics, with issues from 12 months ago being added every week! There are a few exceptions that you’ve already read about (collected editions, trade paperbacks, imprints or issues not yet digitized).


Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your questions with us. We’ll be working to collect more feedback on dedicated community topics in the future through our Support and Feedback category. And remember, what you see at the end of April isn’t the end- it’s just the beginning! :muscle:


Woo hoo! It is here!


Well, that answers my question! Thank you so much, you guys!! I can’t wait to see this roll up. In the meantime- time to get reading!!


Awesome! Thanks for posting this! DC rocks!!!


Can I just say. I love DC Comics and everything about it. Truly I am apart of the best fanbase in the world. And his is goodiest of goodies! Thank you DC!

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Awesome! Thanks a million, mod team!

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Nice! One point of clarification if you would be so kind: if you digitize a missing issue of Batman the first week of May, will it be added to ComiXology and DC Universe on the same day or will we have to wait a year before we see it here?


I want to start out by thanking the folks behind DC Universe for this service. I signed up the day it became available for pre-order with the hope of a comics library much like this. I knew about the exclusive shows but I was really looking forward to having access to the best comics in the business. And that dream has largely come true! Would it be more perfect with Vertigo and other imprints? Obviously. Wouldn’t it be fun to have those kids comics like DC Super Hero Girl or Tiny Titans? Heck yes. But what we do have is incredibly vast and I am sure more reading material than anyone can handle. And it will keep growing as older issues are digitized and new year-old issues are added weekly. This is amazing and my subscription is in for as long as you’ll have it.

Just a quick follow up on one of the questions: what graphic novels. I’m a bit unclear if it means there won’t be graphic novels as in collections of issues, or titles originall published as graphic novels (Earth One, The Hiketeia, A Serious House on Serious Earth, etc.)?


@TheDemonEtrigan, both services are prioritized equally :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to read JLA in it’s entirety! :scream::scream::scream:


Nail…meet hammer. :raised_hands:


My favorite comic, Gotham Academy, isn’t on here. I know it’s a more kid friendly series but do you consider it kid content and thus aren’t putting it on here?


@AppleJack Thanks for the update. Data archiving is my second hobby to comics. When you release the process… Can you share the typical *education or *experience requirements for such a job? I would appreciate it. Thank you.

@applejack you da best😎

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@applejack you and everyone at DC Universe are amazing. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and answering so many question.
Great FAQ page (never thought I would give that compliment)!


I just want to say that the way you guys have organized the comics is already 10x’s better. You guys are the best.

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There are already digitized copies of Teen Titans (Volume 1) that are not yet part of DC Universe. Will they be added soon?


This is why I love DC and I love this app: you listen to fans! My experience with the app over the past month has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough for making it so enjoyable. Y’all are awesome! Can’t wait to take a deep dive into some comics!


@Mae, titles originally collected as graphic novels will not be on the service- never say never, but for now that’s the arrangement.


@GodOfMugs re: Gotham Academy - Guess you’ll have to wait till the end of April to see :sunglasses: