The Unquestionable Ranking of Rebirth Titles

The Ric story isn’t that bad, it just took WAY too long.

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On Nightwing, I’ve read everything up til Ric Grayson (I’m reading all of Rebirth in order). From my understanding, he still isn’t back to normal and is instead a Talon now. It would’ve made since if he became a Talon in New 52 when the Court of Owls were at their peak popularity, but now it seems that they just did it to drag out Ric. I can’t believe they finally put Nightwing back in blue, back in Bludhaven, only to have him completely change as a result of an event that happened in ANOTHER title. A change that has lasted well over a year.


Yeah, that’s pretty lame.

Whatever happened to the Talon from the Talon series. I enjoyed him and read most of his series, but I’ve never heard of him since that series. Always wondered if he died, but I kind of hoped I’d come across him again.

Dude, I get some of that, but I mostly disagree. however, I have not the time to make a counter-list, nor will it accomplish anything. We are all entitled to opinions, especially unique ones.

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If you’ve read the most recent issues —spoilers ahead— nightwing has beaten Talon and is starting to become more Dick Grayson again. I assume that he will be nightwing in about two more issues. It has just taken way to long.

Yeah, clearly my list is completely subjective and everybody will have their own take. I suppose I should have invited others to share their own lists. I might edit that into OP.

It’s from 8 months ago so I’m starting to question it.

I’m not sure what you mean.

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