The Wild Storm (2017-)

The Wild Storm (2017-)

Reading The Wild Storm (2017) series, and holy crap! Every issue is blowing my mind. The Artwork and storyline so far is nothing short than Amazing.

I’m so glad Wildstorm is returning to a universe of its own. No offense to the DCU, but all that black and white superhero stuff was not suitable for characters from The Authority, Stormwatch, WildCATs, etc…

If you are a fan or the original Windstorm, this is a definite read…

For readers looking for a darker more adult experience, I highly recommend this series.


I tore through the first 95% of this series after reading Warren Ellis’ “Normal,” but now I can’t find the finale! Are only 23 of 24 issues available on DCU?

Been enjoying the series so far for the most part. Feels like an Elseworlds version of Wild C.A…T.s (minus Spartan,Maul, and Warblade) and Storm Watch (minus Battalion, Fuji,Diva, etc). However, if you were a fan of Backlash (Marc Slayton) from back in the day this series may piss you off. As long as I continue to read this series through the lense of an Elseworlds story, I can live with a lot of the changes to the characters.