The World of my Superhero Universe

While I’m going to be working on fleshing out and slowly helping you unravel the puzzle of the world and the layout of it I will leave you with a couple of tips. The goal is to reveal big details about the world at the end of each arc. No spoilers past Hydro #2! Although some hints and basic info not in any of the stories so far may be included.

Triton/Hydro: As a child he’s raised in the age of dark atlantis. He’s not very strong and gets severely punished multiple times. As an adult, he’s a scout for a different atlantis who has decided that atlantis should reveal itself to the 3 main tribes. When he decides he wants to reveal atlantis, the country orders an assassin after him and declare him a rogue also known as a hydro.

Moray: Triton’s childhood roommate in Dark Atlantis. He’s strong and sympathetic.

Assassin: Not much is known about him other than that he’s been hired by Atlantis and has a vendetta against Hydro of some sort

Lillian/ Soldier 69: Lillian works for The Order as a soldier. Little Else is known about her yet. She’s gotten herself involved in some top secret Order program.

Timothy/Scout: A young boy who mysteriously has skin who can reheal itself.

Haimon/Acolyte: A soldier of The Order who finds his life boring. He wants to do more than march around all day.

Crystal: A girl who finished 5th in her class. A member of the Elves, she got lucky after no one above her wanted to go to the School of Magic, so she’s decided to go there.

Waller: A mysterious government official for the Highborns.

The Tribes

The Order: The soldiers of the Great Tribal Alliance these people are born to serve and adhere to the order. They must serve for 5 years and protect Ying-Yangopolis from the evils that lurk outside. They are lead by the Supreme General

The Highborns: Considered the administrators and laborers of the Great Tribal Alliance these people live their lives in the government bureaucracy. They often work for the government restaurants and that sort of job. They are lead by The Supreme Leader

The Elves: Considered the intelligence of the Great Tribal Alliance they are the only group in touch with Magic. The often find themselves as the poor or the rich and famous with little in between. Often this is decided by your class rank. The better your rank the better school you get to end at. The most prestigious is the School of Magic but in certain regions its very despised. They are lead by The Supreme Wizard

The Atlanteans: The only known outlying tribe. They live underwater and used to be controlled by the Glorious King however following the king’s demise, Atlanteans found themselves governed by the Glorious Council. Generally considered a bunch better government

Timothy’s Tribe (Unknown)

The universe can currently be read below with

Ying Yang #1 and Triton: Origins #1

Hydro #1

Hydro #2

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