There are only 2644 comics in DC Universe

Here is what I have a problem with. It’s not the amount but it’s the way the curation is handled. I could live with a rotating 2600 if the were presented like MU does. Give me reading lists, give me events, or however you want to curate. I mean they are kind of doing it that way but not as effective as MU does. I have read books I would have never read because they spoon fed them in a way that was easy and also made me want to read them. Have someone do a 2 min video on their top comics and why. Tell me why x run was so significant, why this semi known to me creator pushed some boundary. If this is happening and I have missed it please someone tell me. If they fix that they will have me like marvel does. The tv is just icing for me personally.


DC applejack are you reading this?

Keep in mind too that this service is less than two weeks out of Beta and Marvel Unlimited was almost completely useless for its first five years. DC Universe is doing better so far than Marvel was when I first signed up in 2008 and they have the advantage of having Marvel’s model to improve upon.