This is garbage

Why is no one noticing how incredibly few DC shows and movies are on things. I can find more DC shows on Netflix and Hulu. I feel like they just scraped together the crap no one wanted. I’m paying for this and it isn’t even a comprehensive experience. Why am i paying you again?

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I assure you my friend, you are not the only one to notice. We encourage you to browse the threads and find like-minded individuals to share your thoughts with.

But, there are a few reasons to pay for this service:
-Because you personally find value in the content offered
-Because you want to see original content
-Because you want to be an early adopter of a fan service unlike anything else out there
-Because you understand early adoption means having more impact on new tech

But none of that may factor into your purchasing decisions in life. If you are interested in taking advantage of having a positive impact, we welcome constructive feedback and suggestions. It is difficult to take action on broad negativity, but we are eager to learn what users are seeking most.


Well said Applejack


@vinelliott You mentioned that both Netflix and Hulu have more DC Comics related shows. So, time to break it down.

Hulu- Justice League: War, Justice League Dark, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Teen Titans: Judas Contract, Lego Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom, Lego Justice League vs Bizarro League, Smallville, and Teen Titans Go. Total: 8

Netflix- Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Lucifer, iZombie, Gotham, Black Lightning, Catwoman, Constantine, Batman: Bad Blood, V for Vendetta, and 4 SuperHero Girls features. Total: 16

DC Universe- 4 Batman Films, 4 Superman Films, Supergirl Movie, Adventures of Superman, Adventures of Superman, Adventures of Superboy, Teen Titans, Justice League: War, Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs Teen Titans, Death of Superman, Batman vs Robin, etc. Total: more than 17 (not including exclusives, 25 shorts, specials- Yule Log).

So, quantity- wise: DC Universe kayoes the other two COMBINED.

Now quantity-wise: depends on your interests. Based on your response, it seems like you prefer more modern content. So, check out Titans, Death of Superman, Young Justice, and wait for the upcoming awesome shows.

I know that it can be frustrating that you may want DC Universe to suit your needs, but if you prefer the modern content, then that is awesome. But, you should at least acknowledge that most of the current shows would not be possible without the original content. So, it may help to look at this service as seeing the origins that led to where DC Comics is now today.

Also, thank you for your criticism. I know I probably would not have handled something that interests me as well as you did. Plus, without criticism, there is no room for growth.


I’m really disappointed, I joined to read comic series online but they have so few, and no full series

theres more content coming out i mean i dont see titans on netflix or hulu i dont see doom patrol coming out on netflix and hulu and i dont see any comic book sections on hulu or netflix i sound like a broken record here but again the app is 3 MONTHS OLD be patient and wait alot more content is coming i have a feeling that when aquaman hits the streaming networks aquaman will be on the DC app before anything else

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@FLASH.KID1 I believe there will be adjustments to the comic section to better enhance experience.

Do the math on comics, people. The app is $8. There isnt much you can do with $8 dollars in a comic book store. It’s like 2 and a half comics. This app has hundreds of comics and they you get access to all of them. Plus they rotate new ones in all the time.
As for the streaming content, Netflix and Hulu arent fair comparisons for matching values. Yes, they have way more to offer as a video streaming service, but they suck as a dedicated fan-app. Those guys are trying to bring video content to the entire world for fans of every genre and niche in film. They are aiming for a much broader subscriber/fanbase, fans of movies and tv, aka pretty much everyone in the world.
DC Universe isnt trying to replace cable, tv, or online video streaming services. Instead its aim is to bring content to a very specific set of fans, we the DC nation. We get exclusive interviews with creators, exclusive programming, you get to chat with the community, you get alot of DC for $8. Its more DC than you can get anywhere else, especially if you’re not a fan of the CW shows. Nothing against those who do, of course.
I feel that alot of people who are disappointed with this app dont really understand the value of a dollar or the aim of this app. $8 isnt even a meal nowadays


Personally, I think that we get a great amount of stuff for 8 a month.


Zombedy makes a good point. Also, my fellow peeps who pre-ordered, we got 15 months for $74.99. That’s $4.99 per month to save you the math.


I find my self using DCUniverse less than I had hoped I feel like I own any media I’d want to view and I primarily use my surface to read digital comics and the reader interface is kind of wack. I mostly wish I could use a full screen mode. but Im atleast looking forward to next year when I can watch the DC animated movies without buying them because other than JLDark I don’t see me watching most of the animated movies from that series more than one time.

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As someone who works graveyard I don’t have the luxury of being able to get out to a comic store often. I suppose I could order off Amazon. But this to me is much better just whip out my phone and start reading. I’ve been able to explore so much more. I can get into old swamp thing issues with out spending all my Batman money. ( Bat Cash as I like to call it)


Hahaha I truly hope you do call it Bat Cash @RobertDeBeero. Even if you don’t, just let me think you do.


Bat Cash liquor money and burger bucks is how I divide my entertainment monies


I love being able to explore comics outside my comfort zone of Batman characters without spending money and ending up being disappointed. The community is fabulous too, I feel like because we pay for the app we are more respectful of each other. It’s great. Plus having a 6 yr old son and having instant access to movies, comics and cartoons is fabulous