Thoughts on DC Videogames

I feel like there’s a lack of quality AAA DC games. Some good DC games are DCUO, Injustice, and the Batman games, but other than that, there’s not much variety. What are some DC games that you wished were a thing? I wish they’d bring back the unfinished Flash video game.

I really want a new Justice League game. A spiritual successor to Justice League Heroes.

A Flash or Green Lantern Corps game would be nice too!

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Green Lantern Corps is the only feasible game to make that’s a single player campaign. Only one where you have a truly endless amount of powers to bind to buttons. Endless growth. If there was Superman or Flash no matter what you will get bored with your powers eventually. Games like God of War or Assassin’s Creed or even Infamous show you that the player wants to be able to level up and progress. You need a hero where you can continuously get stronger while learning new moves to use in battle. And then you can go to other planets too like Destiny. While the whole time you can have cameos and DLC missions similar to Arkham, where you could play as those cameod characters for a short mission. I’m a humble amatur video game plot writer and I’ve pondered this a long time.

If I wasnt so busy writing horror books for myself and sending my ideas for Far Cry 6 to Ubisoft I would’ve actually buckled down on this idea for WB. I would rather work for Ubisoft than WB any day

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