Thoughts on Grail?

What does everyone think about the character Grail? I thought she was cool when she was introduced in “Darkseid War”. I think I heard she then showed up in in the Rebirth Wonder Woman series, but I haven’t gotten around to that just yet.

What are your thoughts on her? Who do you think should play her in live action?


I thought she was super cool. I personally haven’t read anything with her in it as far as rebirth stuff goes. @nu52 might be able to shed some light on this.

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I’ve only read her in the WW rebirth as mentioned. Is was cool story in my opinion. Definitely a great character. Interesting history cool design.


Agree, more Grail.

I f’ing love Grail! She was one of the best things about The Darkseid War.

As for who could play her in live action…IDK offhand. Going to have to think about that.