Thoughts on Green Lantern (2011)? Do you guys think will it ever be on DCUniverse

I haven’t seen this since opening night, looks like DC was still not planning a Cinematic Universe,the movie should have focused on OA 3/4.


Flawed but entertaining flick. Certainly nowhere near the unmitigated disaster some think it is.


I actually enjoy the movie I can say with confidence that I saw at least three times in theaters. It may not be the best movie in the world but it was still enjoyable.

I saw it twice and enjoyed it substantially more the second time.

Saw it, liked it, thought it could have been better, but at least there was finally a Green Lantern movie, and did not think it was all that bad.

Why stop there?


I’d love to see Mark Strong play Sinestro in Green Lantern Corps. That might confuse general audiences that don’t get that GLC has nothing to do with Reynolds’ movie but tough cheese. Strong is perfect and deserves to shine his talent in the role again.

Paralaxx was really not good visually.

Paralaxx was really not good visually.

I thought it was a decent. Not a great movie but not sure it deserved the hate it got. GL did deserve better though. I think there is a chance it might be on here eventually

To reference the classic TV show Animaniacs…does his Tom Bodett impression “It’s time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea.”

switches on light

Good Idea: Parallax being the heavy in a live action Green Lantern movie.

switches on light

Bad Idea: Having him be the primary villian in the first GL movie, instead of a sequel which is where he belongs.

The End

insert the next cartoon or the Animaniacs end credits here


It would be nice to see the movie here. I like Vroom Good and Bad idea stuff from animataic!

Good idea: Have a lot of Special effect!
Bad Idea: Have Hammond scream in pain so many time!

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I enjoyed it. I don’t get the hate over it. I do question Parralax being in the first. He’s less tangible. Plus he’s best when he turned Hal evil. Just being a fear monster isn’t my favorite rendition of him

I remember seeing this in theaters and loving it lol. Never understood the hate at all!


I saw it in theaters and barely remember anything about it. I don’t recall anything outstandingly good or offensively bad about it. I’m still waiting for the DCEU version to see how it would handle the character.

If we can get the Aquaman pilot up here, why not GL ‘11? It’s all DC history.


It’s a big disappointment. Not all that good but it ain’t as terrible as some people make it out to be including Renolds himself.

I’d like it on here. It’s fine as a popcorn movie


The extended cut on Blu-ray is better as it fleshes out Hal’s relationship with his father, but I think most of us who are fans of Hal just dislike Parallax, period, so including that didn’t help and making it a smoke monster was a poor choice as well. On the plus side, I thought the helicopter Hot Wheels track segment was brilliant.

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Please Mods tell WB we want Green Lantern on DCU.

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if we are gonna get this it’s a matter of time before catwoman gets here