Thoughts on the movie man of steel?

Superman killing Zod never bothered me. He’s killed Kryptonians in the comics under extreme “this is the only way to defeat them” situations (Superman volume two, number 22 or 23. It’s one of Byrne’s last issues) so being in a tight spot in the movie and doing it made sense to me.

Plus, Superman was still in the infancy of being a superhero. The Man of Steel Superman isn’t the Superman that can pull an ocean liner out of the ocean while knocking out Intergang in one fell swoop and putting out a huge fire all at once. It just isn’t. He’s still gaining experience at the whole “hero to the world” gig. This is a Superman who is learning as he goes along and you just know that if he WAS the “can do it all at once” Superman people would have complained at that and wanted to see him learn as he goes.

I think killing Zod was a learning step. Superman had yet to be in a situation where he had to save other people that were directly in the way of a physical assault from Zod and to him in his limited experience, it seemed like the only way to diffuse the situation. I think afterward, Superman did realize other ways he could have stopped Zod and would put those to use when in a similar situation in the future.


MOS is a mixed bag for me. It was beautifully shot, and Henry looks the part. But it needed more Clark Kent character and personality development, and better dialogue.

Clark is a funny guy, but that wasn’t conveyed in the film.

Clark letting Pa Kent die in a tornado doesn’t fit the Clark Kent I’ve come to know in the comics.

As for Lois, I like Amy Adams as an actor. But I couldn’t connect with her as Lois. I wanted a fiercer, tougher, snappy Lois. Also, I just didn’t feel any chemistry between Lois and Clark. They’re both great actors, so I think something was off with the story.

To me, the scene changes were jarring and there were too many flashbacks.

The entire Krypton scene was a MASTERPIECE. It was beautifully done with excellent acting and cast. As was the first flight scene. And the fights scenes. But overall, I would’ve preferred less fight scenes and more character development.

Faora was great.

Costumes were amazing.

I’m looking forward to MOS 2 though. I think it’ll be better.

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I just hope the continued rumor(s) of Matthew Vaughn directing a new Superman movie are true. I don’t like Kick Ass but Kingsman (first, didn’t see the second) was fun and I hope he could bring that fun to Superman.


Man of Steel is the best superhero movie in the modern era of superhero movies.


I’m less than 30 minutes from Cleveland where he was created so I’m a fan. Just think before Siegel and Shuster created him there was no such thing as a person with superpowers. It was all westerns, detective (before Batman), and artists were making side money drawing racy comics to sell underground before the Boy Scout.


I thought “‘Man of Steel” was a great movie.


Actually really liked it, that and Wonder Woman are the only DCEU movies that i love, but i put Man of Steel over because it doesn’t fall apart in its third act like Wonder Woman does, but i loved the characterization of Clark as a depressed loner, I understand why people didn’t like that all the way or that he didn’t exude hope as much as Reeves, but if they went there later it would have been fine since it would have been character development, but in BVS they didn’t change him at all which was annoying. Overall though, really liked this movie barring a couple of things, action was awesome, even though if in the final fight I wish Clark saved more people, and Zod and Clark were great characters along with a couple others.


Absolute masterpiece!!! Nuff said👍🏻


My favorite DC movie and highly underrated. In my opinion the best Superman.


I love the movie big time. I might be controversial on this, but Man of Steel is my favorite Superman movie. It holds up on story and visual effects, like Krypton is so beautiful. I think the only thing that hurts the movie is when Superman is in costume and Lois calls out “Clark!” right in front of a cop. Granted she does the same in Justice League, like secret identity thing is out the window when she is around. Overall, I love the DC movie universe. I think the only bad movie in the lot is Suicide Squad. The rest are so good. I can watch that movie line over and over.