Three DC Wishes

  1. Turn back time to Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 and do a divergent timeline where only the first Earth (Earth-3, I believe it was) gets destroyed and no major Earth-1 or Earth-2 heroes died.

  2. The Satellite League doesn’t disband. Vixen still joins in the annual, alongside Batgirl, Supergirl and John Stewart (instead of Gypsy, Steel and Vibe), as a member of the Satellite League.

  3. The Titans would be more prominent in all DC events. They’d be everywhere.

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I would love to see another flashpoint type event (maybe Bart screwing up the timeline) and the DC Universe is setup so COIE never occurs.

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For those who want to see a Dick/Babs wedding, the pre-flashpoint ones get married in Convergence Nighting and Oracle. :slight_smile:

1 I’d like to see Dick and Babs get together in the current universe too.

2 Heroes in Crisis does not end with Wally in a worse place or anyone dead.

3 Wally and Roy get their families back (Linda and Lian, respectively). I think having Wally connect with Linda would still help him; kids can be a hope for his future.


Whoever stole Green Arrow’s hat gives it back

Whoever stole Batman’s yellow oval gives it back

Somebody steals Nightwing’s boring costume and never gives it back


I can’t wait for editing capabilities…

3 would really be restoring the families and relationships that new52 dropped. Rebirth did this for some characters, but not enough.

If Dick/Babs from Convergence Nightwing Oracle are restored by this wish, then my alternate wish is to see Carol Ferris have a larger role in the DCU. I think her character is different from a lot of other heroes, and she’s not explored nearly enough outside of her romances. I do enjoy seeing her and Hal together, but in my wish world she and Hal are already living out Geoff John’s ending, so the stories can focus on Carol outside of the will they/won’t they context.


Everything happens on 1 Earth, not prime, 2,34, or 52. Crime syndicate and Freedom Fighters can get an alien planet, not called Earth. Wildstorm, Dakotaverse, Watchmen all exist on Earth, but in real cities alongside DC cities.

Legacy characters get old, retire, and die allowing others to take up the mantle.

Hawkman never has existed until next month’s #1, same thing with The Legion if I can get a twofer.

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  1. BatCat wedding would have happened for realsies (someday I’ll drop it, today is not that day :joy::joy::joy:)
  2. I’d redo Superman’s continuity a bit to make it easier to follow for the “uninitiated”. I tried picking up Rebirth Supes and had NO CLUE what was happening
  3. More Gotham Academy cameos in seriously everything. Maps here, Olive there (loved seeing Heathcliffe (sp?) over in the Young Animal imprint), more Maps everywhere

Yes, I’d be pleased with these wishes

  1. BatCat Wedding for real (I can’t let it go, either!)
  2. Mr. Oz is NOT Jor-El, for he died on Krypton and only exists as a program in the Fortress of Solitude.
  3. Tomasi and Gleason on Shazam!

1 Harley Quinn and poison ivy gets married 2 a injustice tv series 3 nightwing and starfire have twins

Actually, on second thought…

  1. Steve Orlando and Cameron Stewart on Shazam!
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