Tim Drake Spitballing

I’ve seen a lot of people in the community express discontent toward Tim’s new codename: Drake. Hell, even I’ll admit even I’m not too fond of it. Just it being his last name makes it weird to me. Many have said he deserves his own graduation arc and well thought out persona like Dick had with Nightwing in New Teen Titans and I actually agree. Damian’s not going anywhere so he deserves to be more than a perpetual Robin who can’t be Robin anymore.
So I thought I’d make a thread where people could spitball their ideas of new codenames for Tim and why. I’m actually curious to see how everyone sees the character. I’ll go first.
My first thought was Condor but I wasn’t feeling that one. So I thought Sparrow from the Amalgamation Universe but I wasn’t sure. Then I thought Cardinal because of the red and Red Robin and y’know the color cardinal red. That felt better but I realized I’m tired of birds. If he’s gonna graduate to something unique and original to him and his character then a bird wasn’t the way to go. So my final thought was with his tech, hacking, and detective skills a great name for him would be Sentinel. It’s a soldier whose job is to keep watch.
What do you think? What new codename would you give Tim Drake?

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Silver Spoon Robin? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Redwing? Or is that too derivative?

Maybe Rook? That’s a bird, and also a chess piece, underlining his strategic acumen.

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AHHAHAHAHAHA :joy::rofl::rofl: now that’s funny