Time for Wonder Woman: The Animated Series!

Just watched Wonder Woman Bloodlines and it ends on a perfect note to build an original animated series. Superman and Batman have had multiple animated outings going back 50 years+. It’s time for the last member of the trinity to have her time to shine. Even Aquaman and Shazam have had their time with their own cartoon series. The show can combine Veronica Cale, Cheetah, Giganta with WW’s more mythical stories and adversaries. She’s been around since 42. Maybe in time for her 80th. What does everyone think?


A Wonder Woman animated series is long overdue. I’d be in.


Me too


Wonder woman should get her own series. It’s kinda sad it has not been done already.


I’d enjoy one for sure.


Yup. Beyond high time for Wonder Woman to get her very own animated series.


Maybe that can be the newest DCU exclusive. :grin:


I thought the same thing as soon as I finished the movie. People have said her rogues gallery isn’t large enough. They showed more then most times & there’s still a lot they didn’t use. Angle Man, Blue Snowman etc. I could see it as an animated show the second it ended.

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I have wanted more Wonder Woman on TV since the Lynda Carter series ended. I will NEVER get enough Wonder Woman and really wish DC would stop ignoring her. You go look at trick or treat or Easter buckets, plenty of Batman and Superman, hardly ever a Wonder Woman. I am still desperate for a Wonder Woman 77 animated film (or 85). I would love a live action TV series for WW (simply due to the possibility of so many stories in so little a space of time as opposed to a movie every 3 or so years). However, nothing would work better for WW than an animated series. Her rogue gallery is pretty much ignored because they have never gotten to shine like Batman, The Flash, or Spider-Man have. Plus, with the mythical elements and dealing with the gods and goddesses, WW would be better suited to animation for budgetary reasons to make it right. When will DC finally figure out the demand is high for an animated series?