Titans and Doom Patrol

I’m super excited for Doom Patrol but haven’t been able to watch Titans yet. I won’t have the time to binge the whole season before DP comes out, and I wanted to know if there were any specific episodes I’ll need to watch to prepare for DP.
Obviously, I’d need to watch the one they’re in but are there any others?


Just the one episode titled Doom Patrol


Yup that’s the only episode. I’m pretty sure the whole cast of the doom patrol is different.


No, the only change to the cast is Timothy Dalton is now the chief. Also, Crazy Jane has been added, and episode 2 adds Cyborg.


I’m not entirely sure that Matt Bomer is Larry Trainor in the Titans episode. But maybe he was?
Realistically, hes always wrapped up in bandages though. So not a huge deal. But yes, it seems that the chief is the only other difference cast-wise.

Don’t think you need to watch titans before doom patrol

I would just watch the episode “Doom Patrol” of Titans. I think its the fourth episode. You could even watch that without watching the others, since it mostly stands alone.

@Mr.Nobody, pretty sure it’s only the voice of Bomer. Same for Robotman. a stuntman where’s the costumes and the actors provide the voice.

Definitely could be. Just thought that Larry behind the bandages in the Titans looked a little “chunkier” than he does in Doom Patrol. Which made me think they possibly changed actors.

Even the episode of Titans doesn’t quite capture what they’re doing with Doom Patrol. I think you’ll be perfectly fine going into the show with fresh eyes.

You mentioned being strapped for time, BUUUT if you REALLY want to get a sense of the show, flip through Grant Morrison’s run of Doom Patrol (1987) . It’s here on the service so very accessible :slight_smile:


Ok i just started titans maybe it will make since latter but why is star fire an ugly black lady. I mean i know everything has to be diverse but come on starfire is a alien is that not deverse enough. She could at least be hot, hell for all i know at this point that might not even be starfire and im talking out my butt