TITANS Deep Dive - S02E01. Spoliers exist!

Hi everyone! It has been ages since I logged in to DCUniverse (mostly because I’ve been indulging in anime :slight_smile:) but it is great to be back. While I was away, I thought of quite a few things I wanted to share with the community. Now I have been wanting to do this for a long time but just couldn’t find the time, so here goes-

This is a deep dive into Titans season 2 for anyone who has the patience (hehe) . Now I know many people don’t like the show for a lot of reasons and I do agree it tends to get pretty sloppy pretty often. Nevertheless I am a huge fan of the show because I like a lot of stuff they do. I do tend to cut them a lot of slack but I’m hoping that for most people that vehemently dislike the show, this would help them dislike the show a little less lol. Full disclosure, I am a huge Dick Grayson fan so you might see a lot of stuff related to him in this deep dive and I think everyone would agree that he is the best handled character on the show. Also, we all are pretty aware of the flaws of the show but my main objective is to write about stuff that I found thematically agreeable to me.

Well that’s it for the prologue so I would like to get into the good stuff :smiley:


  1. The song that plays when Jason is monkeying around at Wayne Manor is “Get Ready to Die”. I thought that was an interesting reference to Jason’s history in the DC Universe haha
  2. Donna’s dream - Although her dream sequence was nothing surprising, I felt some impact from it because it reminded me so much of Injustice Superman.
  3. Jason’s dream - I liked this one the most out of all the dream sequences because I feel this is where they start to give us some insight into Jason’s mind. In the regular comic continuity, Jason Todd is pretty damaged. His issues mostly stemmed from his obviously traumatic experience of dying and being brought back to life. Now I have always regarded two things to be at the core of Jason’s problems with Bruce. One is - “Bruce did not avenge him after he died which goes to show Bruce didn’t love him and he was expendable to him”. Two is - “Jason felt second-rate compared to Dick. He felt that Bruce was disappointed that he wasn’t as good as Dick was and he tends to overcompensate. Moreover, he feels that if Dick were to be killed Bruce would definitely cross the line”. Essentially, his insecurity towards Dick as well as his own slightly skewed moral compass shines brilliantly(when he resorts to shooting him since he can’t take him hand to hand)
  4. Gar transforming into a snake for stealth seemed like a subconscious reaction that arose due to the need so to speak. Perhaps that’s how he’ll be able to transform into other animals.
  5. Gar rescuing Rachel was a little cliche but keeping in mind Raven is an empath, having her rescued with touch seemed fair
  6. My favourite part of the episode was when Rachel saves Dick. In the Titans continuity, Dick blames Bruce and himself for the Tony Zucco incident. So he hasn’t been able to make peace with that. Also in Titans, Dick being Robin has not healed him like it did in the comics. So Rachel taking him back to Haly’s circus was very poignant because that is the place Dick associates with happiness- his parents and his circus family. More so, to him being on the trapeze ropes with his parents is the highest form of happiness. So him “saving” the falling Rachel and swinging like that with her establishes or rather completely solidifies the familial bond between the two. The music in that scene was beautiful and incredibly sweet. Thoroughly loved that scene. Dick feels happiness on the trapeze but he is with someone other than his parents, which goes to say that new bonds forged can help him heal just as effectively. His slight smile at the end of the sequence conveyed his liberation and his peace perfectly. Also, having watched the whole season, I would like to look at this scene as an indication that Dick and Rachel are connected and not in an emotional sense but that Rachel’s powers allow her to be connected to Dick’s mind, the proof of which we see during the Elko epsiode.
  7. Deathstroke has books on mind and soul and he noticeably winces as if struggling or in pain. We obviously know why. Esai as Slade was so perfect. I read somewhere his passcode 5639 spells Joey which is short for Joseph, Jericho’s name in the comics :slight_smile:
  8. Dick and Bruce’s conversation was beautiful. After the Trigon incident Dick seems to be in a better place and has decided to give back and help the kids he has taken responsibility of. He also needs to clear the air with Bruce and acknowledge that Bruce did in fact ease the pain. Both actors had amazing chemistry and they felt like father and son. A son 9 times out of 10 appreciates his father only in hindsight because he is too busy butting heads with his dad in the present haha :smiley:. We also see a little glimpse of what Bruce might be dealing with since their fall out. He seems like he has been considering that perhaps he derailed Dick’s childhood further by making him Robin and in turn caused him more pain. I loved how he was curious to know “what things” he did that helped Dick. I thought that was very fatherly. Iain’s voice sounds a bit like Kevin Conroy’s haha. Anyway, the scene was superb and very warm.
  9. The final scene was super sweet too. The song “This must be the place” by Kishi Bashi was perfect. It was sweet, warm and fitting. It was nice to see how excited the kids were. Also, I think it is worth noting that Gar is most excited to be a Titan because he is just so sincere and so reverent of the Titans. This scene has great significance in terms of a reference point for Gar especially towards the end of the season during the Cadmus saga.

I think that is about it for S02E01! Again, the purpose of this thread is to discuss the plus points of the show because while it suffers from inconsistencies and shabby writing at times be it plot or dialogue, it does have some good stuff in there that makes me happy that this show exists :slight_smile:
Let me know what you guys think!