Titans ep 9 "atonement" ❗SPOILERS❗

Woahhh so… I have a lot to say I guess :flushed:
So first they all broke up :weary: but its alright ik they all coming back together but also where do you think Rachel went? :flushed: :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: but I liked this episode I think it was pretty good i kinda dont know what to say but I’ll try to make it make sence so I really want the show to show more of gars powers like I want him to turn into a cat,bird,fly or maybe a dog so he could have played with krypto or something ya know lmao and I would be very convenient for future titans mission he could he helpful for spying on the enemy and stuff you knoooowww. I would also change the way gar explained to connor the world a little more better like he should have mentioned cops also help too instead of only including the titans…I wonder what happend to connor if he flew away or stayed there idk but cant wait to see for next episode.
Next thing is hank and down woahh​:flushed::flushed::weary: damn I dont like how they broke up but it’s ok it’ll all be alright hopefully I wonder what they’re both going to do and how they’re going to get back together again.

Dick grayson :flushed:
I’m kinda confused like woah I knew he wasnt actually gonna leave but when he started hitting the cops then he put his hands up I’m like huh uhhh but I think while hes in prison or something I guess hes gonna have like self evaluation and then become nightwing​:see_no_evil: eeeeee
I’m really excited for that part I really look for that happening.
Sooo yea those are my thought I know its not much and it’s just random things that I noticed but I like this episode and this show although there are some problems I still wanna see this show continue.
What were your thoughts on todays episode?

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