Titans s2 ep10 SPOILERSSSSS 🥵🥵

Ik I say this every single time but :skull::skull: I freaking loved this episode like actually woahhh theres so much to talk about FIRST I WANNA START WITH THE NIGHTWING WOWOWOWOWOW IM SO HAPPY HE HELPED THEM I knew it was coming but owoowow I freakingggg stan and now this IS GOING TO LEAD TO NIGHTWING AHHHHH I kinda wished this happend earlier but I get where they’re going the growth of everyone single titan and stuff wow I’m just so freaking excited! I’m so sad Santos died :pleading_face: deserved better :pleading_face::pleading_face:
Now gar and connor! I like how gar resisted the offer :see_no_evil: also I really wanna see him turn into animals already :weary::weary: I just cant wait AND RAVEN AND HER NEW FRIENDS AHHH I just wish her powers went faster like I feel they take too long to happen u know? :flushed: ik this isant like a full review of everysingle thing but I’m just so excited LIKE WOAHHHH AHHHHHAHH I’m so freaking happy rn :)))))))) eeeee
But it kinda feels like it’s all over the place with every character rn :speak_no_evil:
Tell me what u think about today’s episode :see_no_evil::sparkles:

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