Titans S2 is so bad

Who the hell wrote this season? The writing is mediocre, the fighting scenes are laughable, the cinematography is trash. They butchered Deathstroke. Everything about this season feels disjointed. I’m not even sure what the storyline was. For the love of God, change the showrunner and writers for s3!


Even though i enjoyed and really liked alot of things this season I have to agree, we need better writers…


Deathstroke was awesome until they abruptly got rid of him


You’re right i wanted to give it a chance so badly because i love the cast and characters but man I’m disappointed and hate to admit it, death stroke literally didn’t do anything but kidnap jason he didn’t feel like a threat since theres so many powered characters, all of the stories they had going feel so rushed like when they call each other family it feels un earned the writers like to rush through every story they have all of witch are good ideas but are executed so poorly. None of them feel like heroes they feel more like killers also too many side stories that don’t matter and theres only 13 eps so we don’t have time for that So many more criticisms i have but ill just end it with GET RID OF THAT BLUE UGLY FILTER OMG


Yup. I really wanted to love this show, but jesus- its very, very emo and overly depressing. I mean Dick in prison, Gar being tortured by Cadmus. The team breaking up constantly and being dicks constantly.

i really loved Deathstroke and the Wilsons in the show, about time we got a comic accurate adaption of him for once.


I agree. I really did not enjoy this season that much for most episodes. I think this finale was an improvement from last seasons because it actually feels like one but they really do need to change the writers. It just does not have a natural flow. Things just happen and are never brought up again. They place emphasis on things then resolve them quickly and that’s in large part because they have so many characters and they only make it worse for themselves by adding in multiple plot lines such as Cadmus, deatyhstroke, and blackfire. They need to just focus on one thing and have their characters deal with internal or external problems in the process. That’s why doom patrol worked, the main villain was Mr.Nobody and we got to see a proper end of him, not just kill him and then move on to something else. This whole season was sold as a big fight between titans and deathstroke.


I’ll admit, I was really loving this season early on, but good God did it get butchered down the stretch. Killing Donna was just the ultimate insult


I don’t think Rachel and Donna are coming back for season 3 Donna killed off and Rachel written out and Jason will at best be a recurring character I think this was the series way of trimming some of the cast.


If that’s true, in other words, Season 3 is going to really bomb. Maybe Connor will be good, but the writers need to give him permanent clothes.


All types of trash even since s1. Idk why I’m hoping for otherwise. Trigon and deathstroke had some interesting buildups just to get killed off in a 2 minute fight. If donna HAD to die then let it be in the hands of deathstroke. That was whack death


I gave up on the series after about five issues into this season, so I didn’t know that Donna died and your post revealed her death. That’s fine. I had no intention of watching it. I just found it interesting that I had a moment of, “Oh no, not Don-” and then I realized I don’t care. She was a highlight of season one, but she became just another tool in this season amongst a whole cast of tools. Such crap.


A lot of people crap on the Arrowverse shows, but they know how to tell a coherent story with great character moments. Titans season 2 started out feeling like those other shows to an extent but went down hill so fast. The show has an obsession with death and F-bombs. Nothing about it feels like a true DC show and it’s disappointing. I couldn’t even make myself like it. I actually laughed when Donna died because it was so poorly handled and I thought it was an actual joke. It feels like the people who make this show either don’t care or don’t know what they’re doing and just fell into the job.


No need to be nasty about it my friend. Whoever wrote it obviously had to work very hard on it, and it isn’t fair to directly insult them because of your opinion. The mods have worked hard to keep this place nice and clean, and I’m sure they would want you to keep it that way. If you want to express your opinion, fine but do it kindly.


:raised_hand: doing crack

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Not exactly what I meant.

I agree with many of the sentiments expressed above but one positive for me is that we got to see pretty much every major Titan in live action doing at least something. I know a 3rd season is coming but yeah, you never know how long these things will last so I’m glad we got that at least.


Mediocrity shouldn’t be rewarded. We as fans have an obligation to call them out. We’re paying for this service and they’re giving us this edgelord pile of rubbish Titans. Dcu needs to clean house on this show. The writers have no idea what they’re doing. How can they let their biggest show be their biggest disappointment? And for God sake DC, get rid of that damn blue filter!


How was Donna the high lite of season one?


Had to be the worst death I have ever seen, and why do characters seem to suddenly develop new superpowers when it’s convenient? Where was donna’s superspeed and ability to fist fight super boy during the deathstroke fight…? And come on just have her die to DS or cadmus, even Beastboy or Superboy, anything that would make sense

I enjoyed S 2 for the most part but damn this show has a problem with season finales


Season 2 had some rather wrongheaded decisions (especially Dick’s incarceration), but at least it was a Teen Titans show, unlike Season 1.

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