Titans S2 is so bad

Can you elaborate? What’re you talking about here?

Yeah, I have little to no interest in Blackfire as well.

Which part needs elaboration? And what is confusing?

Season 1 was worse. RE-BOOT Titans.

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Did Mercy have a wife and that’s what your complaining about? I’ve honestly already forgotten lol.

Superboy’s episode was the single best part of season 2.

Cancel the series and make a Superboy one. Dial back on mercy graves being straight up evil - that’s not right.

Absolutely absurd when she just killed one of her own scientists for no reason with the beast boy test. She would definitely just use a prisoner or something.

Making a Superboy show with Cadmus and the luthor- manipulated govt is a way better series than introducing cheesey boogeymen standings for what are supposed to be villains and then killing them.

If Titans S3 is just the story of how superboy and Krypto kick absolute butt on the Titans, and end up basically running the show with Dick as a mentor, that’d be great.

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I agree that the villains should be better handled, but I would rather see a Jason Todd spin-off.

yep yeah lets kill off one of the only people that can actually act. lol but lets continue to dive more into raven the worst actress and explore garbage that requires terrible cgi.

It’s not that it’s bad (though yeah it often is) is that it has all the pieces to be great, and sometimes gets so close. But dialogue clunks. Plot points are sloppy. Please do better DCU. Titans deserve better. We subscribers deserve better. We’re rooting for this show to work.


we pay for this and its become no better the cw……. sad.

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Titans deserve better than what they got, maybe season III will be better since now we have Blackfire.

HellionGypsy, rooting for this show soooo much. Been a Titans fan ever since they were Teens.

Ya know you would think they would’ve learned from the first season. Doom Patrol was done by the same people right? I ended up really liking Doom Patrol, how was this SOO bad?

This season was an improvement over the first but only because it actually had an ending and the Superboy episode is the only episode of this whole show I can classify as good.

Stop making this show so edgy, make sure these’s actually some color and stop making up plots as you go along! The Dick in prison subplot was just awful. And keep the heroes in the costume! Seriously, I keep forgetting this a superhero show, what with them killing people, committing crimes, and not using the full extent of their powers.

Sad I can take Teen Titans GO more seriously than this.

Emo might be the wrong word for it. But overly depressing. Dick throwing himself in jail, Jason shooting Dick with the gun that killed the Waynes, Gar being tortured for half the season, etc.

Donnas death was sooooo bad.

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agreed i loved her in her first episode! When they gave her the death that they did in this season finale I wasn’t even sad. I was too outraged with the stupidity and disrespect.

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Disagree, yeah it’s a little corny, but this season is 3x better than the first, Deathstroke is definitely the highlight too, u Wildin bro

It is really emotional but with some adjustments can srill be a great show

All of yall trashed this show suck and fail to fully watch the show close the plot the twist the turns the back ground on everything yall need to shut up sit down both of these seasons were bad ass as far as I’m concerned none of yall know the meaning of the show this was a good show as far as I’m concerned 10 outta 10 on the show wishing season 3 didn’t come out in 2020 but it’s worth the wait to writers and everyone who worked so hard on the show keep it up don’t let the people who trash yall ruin the show its yalls show keep it up connor does need a costume though please it’s only thing I request everything else bad ass

I agree completely, this is the point where they started trying to do to much too soon