Titans season 3

In titans season 3 I would love to see Dick become Nightwing and for best boy to learn to become more animals like in comics and other shows. Like if you agree

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I was legit just googling the same thing. No talks of season 3 yet. I hope it happens!

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That’s really expected to happen this season. The Nightwing part, I don’t know about more animals for Beast Boy.

I just hope there is a season 3, and more. For Doom Patrol, too.


That is something i keep wondering about . There has been a single world of if it will be renew for Season 3. However they sure are setting up alot of events that can continue into Season 3 one example Blackfire and rge Tamaranian Invasion, Beastboy learns transform into more animals, and there is still more story to tell with Connor Kent.

Looks like it’s happening Fall 2020. Just wish I could binge watch it. I’m not use to this weekly release again it’s soooo 1997 I’m hating it. I can’t wait anymore give it to me all at once. Lol. Ya know what I mean?!?:dizzy_face::exploding_head::crazy_face::yum::wink:

Yes Season 2 and 3 of Doom Patrol. It’s so off the cuff and I don’t care how much weight Brendan Fraiser gains or loses as long as he’s healthy and happy and doing his thang I’m on board with it. I love his voice. New it was him all along and he’s in the robot suit most of the time. You can just tell.