Titans/Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go! Discussion Thread

Yes, there’s three different kinds.

This thread is dedicated to either three of the current Teen Titans series. Don’t know which is which? You’re not alone.

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Teen Titans

This angst-filled series from the early 2000’s was the first of its kind to be named after the Teen Titans. The series starred Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, Robin, and Cyborg in Jump City battling a handful of classic as well as cartoony villains. The chief among these was Slade, depicted as the one-eyed assassin determined to take down the titans. The show was animated in an art style that would later be called “Murakanime”, named after one of the workers on the show. It lasted five seasons (one more than the writers intended) before getting cancelled after the cliff-hanger episode “Things Change”. Although the box-office failure of Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans has extinguished any chances of a sixth season, the series remains as a critically popular icon for millennials.

Teen Titans Go!

Made 10 years after the preceding series, Teen Titans Go! focuses on the same five cast members depicted above. These titans regularly face everyday problems, anywhere from chores, to boredom, to Santa’s naughty list. The show is animated in a simple, Lilliputian art style, including its various guest stars, such as Batman and Commissioner Gordon. The show is a first for any Cartoon Network or DC cartoon; having yet to be cancelled, the series sports roughly 300 episodes full of either rib-tickling, cringeworthy, or off-putting comedy.


The first DCU original to grace this very app, Titans is a TV-MA live-action show that became available in 2018. The series has a far more diverse main cast than either of the two series mentioned above, including the likes of Superboy, Hawk & Dove, and Wonder Girl. It was created by Akiva Goldsman (Batman Forever, Batman and Robin), and Geoff Johns (Young Justice), Greg Berlanti (Arrowverse), but it was originally intended for the channel TNT. This series is currently on hiatus, but it is going to become available on HBO Max next month.

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Do you guys want a theatrical sequel to Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans crossover? I definitely want one.

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Here is an idea of a story for a sequel to Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans: after the events of saving the Titan Multiverse with their very, serious counterparts from each of their worlds’ Trigons, and their Raven accepting who she is, the goofy, silly team of Teen Titans Go! once again joins forces with the serious team of Teen Titans to stop the Slades (both Ron Perlman, the OG team’s Slade, and Will Arnett, the Go! team’s Slade from Teen Titans Go! To the Movies), the Blackfires, the HIVE Fives, and all of the other villains from taking over the DC Universe and destroying and erasing each and every other Earth of Titans (from the last movie, Comics Titans, Baby Titans (the Tiny Titans), Toon Titans, the Real Serious Titans (the Titans from the DCAMU movies), Night Begins to Shine Titans, Protein Titans (the Teen Titanimals, the name I pick, because they’re all a bunch of animals, while their Beast Boy is an ordinary human), Bizarro Titans (Nibor, Erifrats, Nevar, Grobyc, and Boy Beast), Zombie Titans, Steampunk Titans, Handsome Titans, Mermaid Titans (the Sea Titans), and many more other teams of Titans) off the face of the Earth, and they have to work together to save all of the Infinite Earths of Teen Titans, once again, but this time, with the power of Titanic awesomeness, even if one team is serious and moody, while the other are just light-hearted, crazy, but charming goofballs.