Overall, I’ve enjoyed Titans a lot. There are a few things about it, creatively, that I question though. And most of it revolves around Hawk and Dove.

The actors they’ve chosen are great! They fit the images from the comics well. But story wise, they have been so mishandled. Starting off with the fact that they decided to make them just regular vigilantes. Hawk and Dove are powered. It is part of what makes them, well…them. They are the Avatars of the Lords of Order and Chaos. Hawk, for the most part has been fairly close to what has been created in the books. Short tempered and aggressive. Dove, however, has been butchered. Don was turned into a half brother from a separate father (The Hall Brothers we’re sons of a judge. A character kind of important to their actual origin) Dove is supposed to be the calming force. The Agent of Order. Don and Dawn have both been presented as being kind of unstable at times and quite violent. Everything Dove is not in the books. Also, one of the cool things in the relationship between the characters of Dawn and Hank in the books is they aren’t connected romantically. They are partners. More like family. They care for each other, but they ARE NOT LOVERS.

Which brings to my next issue. The romance between Dick and Dawn. In no version of these characters has there ever been a sexual relationship between them. Dawn isn’t Dick’s dream woman. That would be either Barbara Gordon, or later Starfire. Why it was chosen to make Dawn a romantic plot for Dick is just an odd choice.

It’s like they wanted to use the characters of Hawk and Dove, but didn’t understand the characters in the slightest. I mean why not interpret them close to how they are in the books? Every other character has been. An alien, a shape shifter, an Amazon, a demon spawn, and hell, next season a clone of a Krytonian and his dog! Why draw the line at Hawk and Dove? Just seems like an odd choice.

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