TMNT vs. Batman

Saw somw talk on FB about TMNT vs Batman. Legit? Coming to DCU? Do i need to get a hard copy?

is the blue ray out?

Why isnt it on the site?

It’s on Amazon now for $20 so idk why it’s not on here

IIRC, Justice League vs Fatal Five didn’t come to DC Universe until the DVD release day.

It may be coming here June 4th.


Thank for the question, @cyscriven.82919! :slight_smile: I don’t have any news on it being available on the service, but that’s something we’re checking in on.

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I watched it on Vudu and LOVED IT!!!

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I’m beyond pumped for it! It was one of the first series that I ever subscribed to, so seeing it be made into a movie is crazy exciting! ~anxiously yet patiently awaits news~

The movie should be called “Batman has Turtle Soup”