Tommy Tomorrow and the Reflection in the Water Part 2

 Kamandi tried to blink away the strange lights filling the distance, but they would not go away-- even though they seemed to rush away, they did not GO away. 
 "Hey?  You still with me?"
 The woman was kneeling by Kamandi's side, concern carved in thin lines into her features.
 Flower.  The woman looked like Flower.  But she wasn't Flower.  Kamandi was used to seeing strange things in his life, but this made no sense at all.
 All the smells were gone.  And... why was he sitting?
 "Don't be going all twilight on me, Tommy-- you're just not the type."
 Science surrounded him, shinier and somehow more perfect than the machines the canines built.
 He saw himself in the... glass... separating this room from the rushing lights.   Kamandi, but not Kamandi.  Just like Flower-but-not-Flower.   The glass showed him a man, short hair and purple clothes-- even though he could still feel his own long hair touching his bare shoulders.
 "You look better now, Tommy, even though you're acting like you just hit your head.  A minute ago, you looked gray as plasteel, like those energy fields had reached in here and drained all the color out of you."  Flower-but-not-Flower sat in another chair beside Kamandi's, both facing the main panel of science.
 "There's no indication of an actual power drain," she made frustrated motions with her hands.  "And yet, we are stuck here, like that kaleidoscope out there is feeding on us, somehow..."
 A minute ago.  The words burned in Kamandi's mind.  A minute ago, he had been dodging leopard bullets...

                                                                       To Be Continued....

Wow, my DC knowledge failed me - I hadn’t even heard of Tommy Tomorrow, but now that I look him up, this is actually a cool idea!

Actually, the idea that Tommy Tomorrow and Kamandi are actually one person comes from Marv Wolfman in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I just decided to play with it as interesting exercise that doesn’t lend itself to conversion into characters of one’s new devising-- Kamandi’s world is just too specific. Tommy Tomorrow is a pretty darn obscure character in a lot of ways, but I learned to read on the old comics people found for me, and he was in some amazing DC 100 Page Super Spectaculars.

Yeah, I saw on the wiki that they were alternate universe versions of the same guy; I was referring to their swapping places like this.

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