Tommy Tomorrow and the Reflection in the Water Part 3

 Still feeling a little dazed, Tommy flipped over, and started looking for better cover-- not to mention a better feel for his overall surroundings.   The concrete wall reminded him of some primitive dams he'd seen-- maybe putting him in some kind of access tunnel cut through some natural cavern.
 "Kamandi!  Are you hit, boy?"  The voice was gruff,  like the bark of some large, deep-throated spaniel. 
 Now, two strong hands grabbed Tommy under his arms, and from behind-- just before dragging him bodily over to  a large, boulder-shaped outcropping.  He noted the sounds of feminine exertion.  Then, as the hands let go, one-- surprisingly gentle-- hand brushed his cheek.  Bullets still whined through the air, but the boulder protected now them.
 Another form crouched down in front of Tommy, sharing the cover of the large rock cropping.  Man-shaped, but with a decidedly canine head.  That certainly explained the gruff voice.  "We're cut off from the team setting the charges on the dam!"
 It was a dam, then.
 "Charges?" asked Tommy, not caring in the least if he sounded foolish to the dog man.
 The canine gave him an odd look.  "Are you hurt, Kamandi?   You don't look like a bullet hit you.  Did you strike your head before Flower pulled you back here to cover?  Of course there are charges being set!  We can't stop the leopards from forcing us out of here!   There's too many of them, and they have too many machine pistols!  If we can't keep control of the damn, we must destroy it for the safety of us all!"
 Tommy felt his head starting to clear at last.  The creature in front of him didn't just look like a canine species-- there were several of those throughout the known galaxy-- it appeared to be an Earth dog, somehow evolved to the shape of a man.  A talking Earth dog that somehow thought Tommy was someone else-- someone named Kamandi.
 A chill ran through Tommy.  Someone who belonged here in Tommy's place.

                                                                     TO BE CONTINUED....

Just then, Lobo, The Main Man himself roared into view of Tommy and the talking dog.

He landed his rad hog of a spacebike and assessed the scene before him. Placing his burly hands on his equally burly hips, Lobo said “Now what the frag is this shibiz all about? A talking dog?!” Lobo looked at the carrier on his bike that held his dog, Dog. Looking into the carrier he said “How come you can’t talk, huh boy?” Dog licked himself and sneezed.

Turning to Tommy and focusing his attention on the seemingly intelligent dog before him, Lobo said “You want a biscuit Rover? Huh? Who’s a good boy?” Tommy could see the upright dog was getting angry at the beastly, dirty, and foul, bounty hunter before him.

Just then, the ground trembled suddenly. Lobo said “What the frag is that?!”

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