Tommy Tomorrow and the Reflection in the Water Part 6 - Conclusion

 Kamandi watched the woman who looked so much like Flower struggle and fight with the controls  of this machine-- maybe a ship of some kind--? That held them like some monster's belly.  No, not a monster,  The monster was out there, beyond the special protective glass.  
 Now, he felt like a fog was lifting from his brain.
 "Stay with me, Tommy.  The power's at full, but there's still no drain I can find-- even so, we're still losing it all to that peacock of an anomaly out there, somehow!"
 Kamandi understood science pretty well, being raised by his Grandfather in the Bunker, and spending so much time with Doctor Canus, since then.  Scientists, he noticed, sometimes forgot the simplest workings of nature when they sought their truths.  Kamandi hoped he was seeing the simple part of the overall problem the human officer didn't see yet-- too busy looking for more complex things.
 He pointed out past the glass.  "Stop feeding the monster."
 "What's that?"  The older woman who looked like Flower stopped in her tracks.
 "That's the monster.  Don't feed it anymore.  Stop its food, somehow.  Maybe just make it think the food has stopped."
  "There is no way to shut down the full power of a ship like the Elias, you know that," the woman made a thoughtful sound.  Her jacket had a name tag.  It said Daring. 
  "But we could," she went on, and Kamandi could almost hear the gears in her head clicking into place, "temporarily cut the system sections off from each other, compartmentalize the power outputs-- maybe that will at least confuse whatever that is, out there--"  Daring made lightning-fast adjustments to her science consoles.  "Her goes-- everything!"  She shrugged, fatalistically.
 The water-falling color monster outside the window appeared to shudder, and the tiles of color first slowed, and then stopped.  It reminded Kamandi, somehow, of some large creature choking on a bad bite of food.
 Daring was back at her console.  "Adjusting course, dropping the engines out of hyperspace-- now!"
The monster faded away to endless stars.
 "We're free!"  Flower's double made a triumphant sound,  "Dropping danger markers for this area of space, and getting us out of here!"
  Kamandi's head started to feel fuzzy again.  He didn't have time to blink.   It all went blurry, and when his eyes cleared, he looked into the worried face of Flower.
 The real Flower.

 Tommy half-collapsed onto the piloting console of the Elias.  "We--we made it out of there?"
 Darla looked at him in a strange, askance way.  "Thanks to you-- well, sort of you.  Frankly, you left me to figure out how to pull it off and do all the work.
 "You look-- better."
  Tommy shifted in his chair, and swiveled around to face Darla.  "You see, I'm not sure if you're going to believe the story I have to tell you-- that was me, and not me-- and I think I'm about to be impressed by the kid-- sort of me?"

                                                                                     THE END
 Coming soon - Tommy Tomorrow and the Reflection in the Mirror  Omnibus addition.  And that one will contain the toughest challenge yet!
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