Tommy Tomorrow and the Reflection in the Water Part Four

 He twisted his body around, propping himself up higher against the rock cropping.  He finally got a look at the young woman who had pulled him clear of the automatic gunfire.  She looked back at him, her eyes wide like Jovian space saucers.  At first, Tommy thought the poor girl must have lost her garments in the fight to keep this place, but then, feeling foolish, realized she'd probably not been wearing much more in the first place.    The nature of this world held many confusions for him.
 "You're turning red, Kamandi," offered the Canine, his gruff tone almost fatherly.  "We can't afford for you to be coming down with something, m'boy."
 Remembering that reflection in the water, Tommy realized with a start that he, too,  or rather this Kamandi who's place he had somehow taken, must be nearly as nude  as this young woman.   Flower, the Canine had called her.   She smelled vaguely of fresh earth and dew on rose petals... the name fit her.  Tommy shook his head to clear it again.   The paradox of this situation meant that he could not even offer his Planateer jacket to this Flower--   as it did not seem to exist for anyone other than Tommy.    Worst of all, despite her comfort in immodesty, and jet black hair flowing everywhere like some grand nebula,  the young woman looked far to much like Darla Daring for Tommy's own comfort.
 There were single shots peppered throughout the ratatatat of machine pistols.  Return fire from more humans or Canines at a more forward position, no doubt.  Tommy roused himself to action.  He was a colonel in the Planeteers, after all!  Admittedly, he didn't have a lot of real facts, here.   He would have to make do.   His hand fell to his laser pistol, holstered at his hip.   He still had the weapon, but would it work, in this strange world?   Did he even have the right to use it, here?
 He swung around for a look past the boulder-like outcropping.  Twenty meters up, he confirmed more Canines firing primitive rifles at a rough-hewn archway about a hundred more yards beyond them.  Leopard men in blue uniforms ducked in and out from behind the arch on the side opposite the dam in order to fire their machine pistols.  The damn itself filled one side of the cavern, some great grayish bandage on a wound in the Earth.
 Tommy turned back to the fatherly Canine.  He really should find a way to ask the creature's name.  "If the dam blows, how do we get out of here?" He asked instead.
  The Canine put a gentle paw on Tommy's shoulder.  "I'm not sure that we do, Kamandi.  The flooding will be too violent, too severe.  Our chances ares slim, but our sacrifice?  That will be for the greater good."

                                                                                  TO BE CONTINUED....


Thanks for reading! Did you see all four parts (and Vroom’s sudden interjection. Comedy, well-played) Have you had a chance to read the I AM THE KNIGHT postings? I set up a comment thread for that one over in Random-- also called I Am The Knight.

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