"Tunnel Vision" (Batman and Ivy Ch. 5)

A Batman with only half a year’s experience under his belt needs someone to work with in his dangerous line of work. Instead of Dick Grayson, he ends up recruiting a woman called “Poison Ivy.” Can their partnership last? Rated T, Chapter 5/10.

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Batman and Ivy
Chapter 5: “Tunnel Vision”

It was morning in Gotham. The sun shone brightly off the reflective surfaces of its many towers. The city was busy, traffic everywhere. There was music playing, somewhere deep within a building….

<Swing to and fro,>
<Many hours had he spent while a boy;>
The record on the phonograph spun. The music echoed in the halls.

<The clock seemed to know,>

Humming. He hummed to match the tune. The echoes were gone; the music was gone. He was far from his room. He walked down the hall, pen in his right hand. These hallways were normally empty, but there happened to be one young woman in her twenties there that morning. They knew each other. He was expecting her. She smiled at him, she waved at him, she shyly opened in conversation. He switched the pen from his right hand to his left as she reached for a handshake. He shook her hand. And from out of the tip of his pen protruded a needle….

Pamela awakens with a gasp and quickened breathing. She looks at her clock. 2:27am. There is a light shining through the blinds. She peeks out to see that it is the Bat-Signal. She checks her phone for a message from Bruce. Nothing. Instead, the Bat-Signal goes out, leaving the night sky to its darkness. Pamela smiles, glad to go to bed again, and resumes sleeping.
- 10 minutes earlier -
Bruce is in the Batcave looking for leads. Scarecrow’s toxin induces the worst fears in its victims. When people are scared to such a point, they give in to their basest urges, get reckless. Bruce hopes someone may have seen Two-Face in all the chaos. His best former best friend, now half perfect, half defiled. But he was last sighted two years ago, while Bruce was still training.
His pager goes off, distracting him from his thoughts. He goes upstairs out of the shielding of the Batcave to check the Batphone for messages. Sure enough, Gordon left a message for him, likely making it an emergency. He thinks of calling Pamela for backup, as every second counts in an emergency. However, he decides not to, once he opens the message.
In the calm of night, an ambulance slowly and quietly drives up to the Gotham General Hospital. The doors open, and five doctors exit the vehicle, each wearing surgical masks and hair nets, and carrying old, worn-down surgical equipment. They all walk with wide steps, arms hanging by their sides. They greet no one, acknowledge no one while moving through the hospital. This annoys one of the hall monitors, who tries to stop them. One of the doctors plunges a sternal saw into the man’s chest. This quickly draws attention, so the doctors start moving faster through the building. One of them produces a ten-gallon ballistic nylon bag, and they start pouring surgical equipment in.
“STOP! Put your hands where I can see ‘em!”, a guard calls out to them.
One of the doctors takes out a captive bolt pistol and shoots the guard in the head with it. They quickly start on their way out, tossing aside their masks and hairnets, revealing red hair and faceless—faces, masks? –on each of them. They almost make their way to the exit when the lights go out. In the dark, they gesture to each other, spreading out and taking up strategic positions. They hear a muffled cry and then a thud. But before they see him, he produces a flash of light, blinding them. He topples two of them with a drop sweep. But they all stand again as if nothing happened. They all rush toward him, but Batman grapples a sturdy part of the ceiling and swings forward, knocking two of them over. He fans out batarangs and knocks four of five of their weapons out of their hands, as well as rips their bag of supplies wide open. Batman sees the wall in front of him grow brighter by the second. He looks behind him—
Glass, brick, metal, everything goes flying as a Big Belly Burger truck finds itself embedded in the hospital. The fake doctors scramble to the truck. One of their faces is bleeding severely, apparently injured by the flying debris. Batman tries to intercept the escape, but is fired upon by a machine gun. As he takes cover, the fake doctors pick up the surgical tools and leave. Batman fires a tracker onto the vehicle, but they notice and destroy it. Batman hears footsteps approaching on his right.
“The Dollotrons. They struck again.”
“Detective Bullock. They got away with a bag full of surgical equipment.”
“Move aside, vigilante.” Bullock bends over to pick up a piece of one of the Dollotron’s faces that was chipped off. “This here’s police evidence. Now, if you’re done dancin’ with dem Dollotrons, you’re not needed here anymore.”

After a quick morning shower, Bruce heads down the Batcave early. He once again pulls up his research on Two-Face.
“Good morning, Batman!”, Pamela sighs from the lab, impressed with the growth of her seedlings. Bruce immediately minimizes the window on the Batcomputer. “I just wanted to thank you for not waking me up last night.”
“And why would I do that?”, Bruce asks.
Pamela stares at him in a way that eventually conveys annoyance.
“You mean you weren’t going to tell me?”
Bruce sighs. “Last night. There was an attack on Gotham General.”
“…Who would want to attack a hospital?”
“Pamela. I need you to listen to me. A few days ago, after Scarecrow gassed me, I fought him for a second time. But I wasn’t in my right mind, and it almost cost me my life.”
“You’re welcome, by the way.”
“A few months ago,”, Bruce continues, “Before you met me on the rooftop of the GCPD, before Killer Croc, there were the Dollotrons. They’re some sort of human lab experiments who work for Professor Pyg…”
“Oh. I see. Victims. Like me. So, what? You’re afraid I’m going to panic or something? You think I’ll be distracted? Is that what you’re afraid of?”
“I understand he tortured you for nearly three weeks.”
“I told you about ten times I don’t care about Jason Woodrue, Bruce. It’s over. I moved on. I have a new life now, a better life.”
“I’m not the one who’s afraid. I’m glad to help you, Pamela. It’s no trouble for me to share the lab to help you with your studies. You told me you had trouble concentrating, that your powers were distracting you. But you’ve mastered them rather well now. What’s someone with your talent doing in my lab instead of finishing her degree?” Pamela pinches her nose in distress. “I think you’re afraid to go back there. And until you can prove to me that you truly have moved on, there are some missions I don’t think you’re ready for just yet.”
Pamela closes her eyes and breathes deeply. Bruce goes back to the Batcomputer.

After nighttime comes once again, Batman visits Gordon’s office.
“Are your people done examining the Dollotron mask?”, Batman asks.
“I’m afraid not. Neither can I retrieve a piece for you without tampering with the evidence. It’s important to keep the mask as close to its current state as possible for forensics to properly finish their analysis. What they’ve come up with so far is that the masks are most likely melted onto their faces. Can you image?”
Batman sighs. “We need to stop Pyg while the trail is still fresh.”
“I’m sorry, Batman. I’ll let you know of everything they find, but there’s not much more I can do for you.”
Batman turns his back and goes out the window.

Half an hour later, Batman returns to the Batcave and removes his cowl. He produces a plastic bag from his utility belt and lays it on the desk. Inside it is the Dollotron mask fragment. Alfred takes notice of the GCPD logo on the bag. Bruce in turn notices Alfred’s reaction.
“Something to say, Alfred?”
“Not at all, Master Bruce.”
“I do what I must to ensure the safety of Gotham.”
“I know, sir.” Alfred pauses. “When I was in the army, I had to kill to survive. It wasn’t just about protecting myself, but protecting my comrades and serving my country. But at the end of the day, it was soldiers killing soldiers, who were serving for their country just the same. I saw what losing your parents did to you and I suppose I became a perfectionist of sorts. Even the smallest mistake has the potential to hurt someone in some way. But I realize that even following every rule known to man has its consequences. I don’t know if the way you do things is right or wrong. I love you as if you were my own son, Bruce. And I know you love the people of this city just the same. Just promise me you’ll never break this one rule: Never kill again.”
Bruce dons a troubled look on his face and takes a few uncertain steps towards Alfred.
“I haven’t told her. Or Dick, for that matter. But maybe you should.”

The window of a darkened classroom faces the quadrangle of the university, partially obscured by trees. A vine creeps down next to the window from above. A tree branch opens the window from the outside, as a woman dressed in all black quietly climbs inside. Pamela scans her old classroom, trying to remember what it looked like dressed in light. But the darker image sticks in her mind, her attention shifting to the desk at the front of the room. She remembers Jason Woodrue. She remembers that pen he always used to carry.
~ Finally, someone noticed me! My professor, no less. My role model. He seems so eager to take notes. Wait, is that pen a needle? ~
Pamela woke with a start. But she couldn’t get up. The first thing she saw was the ceiling. But as she looked around, she realized it was a room she’d never been in before. The room was lit by a weak incandescent light. There was lab equipment everywhere. Chemicals. About a half dozen small plants on a table. And a man in a lab coat leaning over a desk, taking notes.
“I’ve been going over your notes, Pamela.” That voice. Professor Woodrue. But why? “Your research is most impressive, as I’ve said many times before.”
“You said you needed me for something. Was all of this a ruse to steal my work? How could you?”
“No. No, I would never dream of stealing from anyone as brilliant as you, Pamela. It’s true; I do need you for something. Have you ever heard of a biochemist named Alec Holland?”
“What does this have to do with me?”, Pamela asked, desperately searching the room for a way out.
“Please. Answer the question.”
“He theorized that the plant life covering the face of the planet is all connected somehow. He referred to this connection as the Green. Now, observe the flora on the desk.”
Within seconds, they seemed to grow a bit taller. And for a brief moment, they moved in sync, almost like a dance.
“Vegetation covers thirty percent of the surface of the earth, my dear. There are powers beyond imagining that govern this connection called the Green. And you… you have unlocked the secret to plant-animal hybridization. Once I create an entire species of plant-human hybrids, they will have no choice but to make me Avatar of the Green. Help me with my problem and I will give you anything you wish. You can rule by my side for all eternity. We will have everything we could ever want. We will inspire change and turn this savage technological world into a botanical paradise once again.”
“They? The Green? What are you talking about, Professor? I just want to get out of here…”
“You think I’m crazy, don’t you?”
“I don’t think—”, Pam shyly started, before a fearsome anger at the reality of the situation overcame her. “YOU HAVE ME STRAPPED DOWN TO A TABLE IN A SECRET LAB, YES I THINK YOU’RE CRAZY!”
“Pamela.” His voice lowered in disappointment. “How uncharacteristically rude of my favorite student.”
“How many more people do you plan on kidnapping to get what you want? You’re gonna get caught. You don’t want this….”
“Assuming everything goes to plan—You do trust your own research, don’t you? —I won’t need anyone else but you. It only takes two to populate a species….”
“…Professor, I want to get out of here, now.”
Woodrue dipped the tip of his needle into a container of nitric acid.
“What are you doing? That’s highly corrosive acid! You can’t put that in me!”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of. You do trust your own research, don’t you?”
“Wait—no—wait, no, please! HEEEELLLLLP!!”

Black wings of leather flap in the wind as Batman touches down upon the rooftop of the GCPD.
“Batman. Is there something you’d like to tell me?”
There is a brief pause in the cold air. “No.”, Batman responds.
“Hmph. That’s what I figured. Well, you’re not gonna have to look for clues any longer. I found someone who knows exactly where Professor Pyg is hiding. The only condition is she says she’ll only talk to Batman.”
A Dollotron comes out into Batman’s view. By the looks of it, she’s only a teenager.
“My name is Sasha. Please don’t let him hurt my Papa. I can help you find him.”
They drive through Midtown Gotham City. They get ready to drive past the Prewitt building, when Batman sees a body hanging in the unfinished building.
“Don’t bother. He’s dead. He or she. Whatever it is now. They all just become things to be forgotten. When he fails, he throws them away.”
Batman walks up to the body. It’s suspended by the weakest part of the building. He takes out the Batphone. “Gordon. I found a body in the Prewitt building. One of Professor Pyg’s Dollotrons.” He puts the Batphone back on his utility belt. “Let’s get going.”
Sasha leads Batman to the Gotham City Stadium. “The stadium gives him a large variety of subjects to work with. He likes the numbers they wear. Says that personal identity and uniqueness corrupt people’s true purpose.”
“The purpose being…?”
“Only Pyg would know.”, Sasha replies in a hushed tone.
“The purpose being to make life worth living. To hammer the nail that sticks out. Pyg puts all in alignment. Pyg make the world right. *Snort snort snort. *”
Batman spins around and sees Dollotrons surround them, numbering in the thirties, no forties, possibly more.
“Sorry, Batman. Pyg has my Papa.”
She kicks him in the groin as hard as she can and shoves him towards Professor Pyg. A pair of Dollotrons grab Batman and move him toward an operating table.
“*Squee! * Excellent work, my Dollotron. Pyg finish fixing you next. After Pyg fix the Bat.” Pyg slowly walks towards Batman, then grabs his cowl and leans in close, such that the snout of his pig mask nearly touches Batman’s cowl. “Whatever you think you’re hiding in there is worth nothing. Brings nothing but disorder. Pyg make night and the day the same. No more Bat.”

Every day underground in a place unknown always seems to get longer somehow.
“Please. Will you just let me go? How long have I been here?”
“Almost three weeks.” Professor Woodrue approached Pamela with what seemed to be a sorrowful look on his face. “I wanted to make you unique. I wanted to make you special. You’re brilliant. You’re better than anyone else who’s ever set foot in this university; don’t let anyone tell you any different.”
“But what? If that’s what you wanted before, what do you want from me now?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’ve been trying to fix you, but there’s just nothing I can do.”
“You’re sterile now, Pamela. We won’t be able to accomplish what we’ve worked so hard for.”
Pamela’s world froze as she realized what this meant. Pamela’s never really thought of having kids of her own, but now the possibility had been taken from her forever.
“There’s no easy way to say this. But no one can know about this. Please understand. I never wanted it to come to this. I’m afraid you’ll have to die.”
“Why do you keep doing this?”
“Come, now. You’re smarter than this, Pamela. You already know why. Asking again and again makes no difference.”
“Please. Don’t.”
“You are a witness and a failure. I have no desire to end your life. You had such… promise.” Woodrue produced a syringe filled with a green, viscous liquid. “In this needle contains all of the most deadly toxins known to man. I promise you it will be quick.”
But it wasn’t quick. She screamed in agony as every nerve in her body was lit on fire. It lasted for several minutes, to Woodrue’s marvel.
“I don’t understand. You should be dead already.”
Woodrue produced another syringe, this time filled with a clear liquid.
“Another needle?”, Pamela weakly scoffed with a laugh. “At this point… I’m… pretty confident you… can’t really… poison me anymore.”
“This is salt water. It will dehydrate you, whether you’re immune to poisons or not.”
She screamed as a foreign substance entered her veins once again. But she didn’t want to go down without a fight. She spit into his face, immediately causing a him to holler in pain, as he held his face with his hand in an agony of his own, smoke rising from behind his fingers. In a state of reeling pain, he stumbled backwards into a shelf of chemicals, causing it to tumble on the ground, which then caused a fire to start. He then left the room as quickly as he could. The fire crept closer to Pamela every second, as she was helpless to move away from it. The first place the fire started licking at her was her right wrist. At this point, she was in so much pain that her screams came out silent. But with the greatest stroke of luck, the fire snapped the restraint on her wrist free, allowing her to finish freeing herself. She fled the room and the building as fast as she could, desperately searching for water to rehydrate herself and cool off the burns. She dove nude into the campus fountain, blacking out and landing with her face below the surface of the water.
~ I wish I never woke up that day. Or any day. But something kept me going. I needed to prove myself. To my Mom, to myself, to my colleagues, to everyone who thinks I can’t get a degree in botanical engineering because I’m just some pretty woman…. ~
Pamela takes a break from her thoughts, when she notices her hand. It looks… normal. She looks at her reflection in a window, briefly risks turning on the light, just to be sure. For a moment, she looks like herself again, before her skin slowly returns to its green hue. Probably just a hallucination. She turns the light back off. She does know one thing:
~ I’m Poison Ivy now. Poison Ivy can do anything. I can finish my degree. I can be a hero if I want. I can even be a better hero than Bruce. I’m not nothing. I’m not some thing to be used. I was chosen by Mother Nature. No, I am Mother Nature now. I’m taking things into my own hands. No one messes with nature. Not Jason Woodrue, not this “Professor Pyg” Bruce wants to hide me from. ~

Professor Pyg’s breath escapes his mask through the nostrils of the snout, landing dryly on the lower half of Batman’s face. Pyg throws a punch that jerks Batman’s head all the way back. He does it again and again. He then grabs the ears of Batman’s cowl. Batman hears a slow, heavy clicking behind Pyg. Pyg hears it, too. The clicking suddenly becomes rapid. Pyg immediately moves out of the way as a large metal hook from the ceiling makes its way towards Batman. Unable to move, Batman instead quickly tries to process what’s going on, spotting Sasha behind the hook, body leaning forward. She pushed the hook at Pyg. It instead hits Batman, dragging him back in his chair before slicing into his torso and seizing him from behind one of his ribs, pulling him slightly forwards on the rebound.
“Pyg’s Dollotron? Pyg’s creation? What are you doing?”, Pyg squeals.
Sasha charges at him and swings a knife at him, forcing him to dodge a few times, before he pulls out a saw to block her attacks.
“I’m not sorry, Batman, but I lied. Papa’s already dead. I just needed you to help me kill Pyg.”
“But Pyg make you perfect! Pyg make you better…! Pyg make you pay.”
Dollotrons start to converge towards Sasha. She reluctantly but quickly cuts Batman free. He pulls the hook out from behind his rib and gives her a scowl before turning to ready himself for combat. A Dollotron throws a butcher knife at Batman, which he promptly dodges. He pushes the hook into two Dollotrons, knocking them over. He ducks under a hand saw being swiped at him horizontally. He hears Sasha grunting and groaning in exertion, as he hears a knife tearing through clothing and flesh.
“NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”, he asks after he turns around to witness her massacring the other Dollotrons.
“They’re Pyg’s monsters now, Batman! There’s no saving them. You’d better stop complaining if you want us to make it out of here alive.”

Pamela storms into the Batcave, already dressed as Poison Ivy. Alfred isn’t downstairs, but Dick is sitting bored at the Batcomputer.
“Where’s Bruce?”, she asks him.
“He’s stopping Professor Pyg. Why? You’re not going after him, are you?”
“I am going after Professor Pyg whether Bruce wants me to or not. Now, where is he?”
Dick leans back in his seat. “Bruce told me not to tell.”
Ivy becomes impatient with him. She crosses her arms in frustration. After about two seconds, her body language loosens. She cocks her head and taps her chin with her finger.
“Hmmm. And what else did Bruce tell you?”
“He told me you need to exercise self-control.”
Ivy saunters towards Dick until she’s right in front of him. She puts her hands on her hips in leans towards him.
“Come, my seedling. Isn’t there something you want to tell me? Don’t you think it would feel so much better to get it off your chest?”
Dick stares straight into her eyes, unaware he’s slipping down into his seat.
“B-b-b-but… Bruce said—”
“Forget what Bruce said. Now, be a good blossom and open up to me.”
“I… I… I…”, he begins, before turning his head and frowning. “No! W-what are you… doing?”
Why can’t this brat just do as he’s told? There’s really only one way to get what I want from him. Ew, but I’m not kissing a minor.
Ivy kisses her own hand, then presses it against his lips.
“Mm!”, Dick gently mumbles behind Ivy’s palm.
“‘Mm?’ I believe I asked for a location….”

Dollotrons grow closer every second. More pile into the room every second. Batman and Sasha are severely outnumbered. Batman can take on several Dollotrons for at least another minute. But what he’s most worried about is Sasha. Her knife doesn’t give her much of an advantage over the Dollotrons’ weapons, even though they’re not all armed. He turns his attention to her as she’s getting overrun. He throws a few batarangs, slicing the tendons in the Dollotrons’ legs to render them immobile. Unfortunately, it draws Sasha’s attention to Batman. She gets kicked onto her back by one of the Dollotrons as she’s looking behind at Batman. He shoots his grapple gun behind the Dollotrons at an incline and grabs her body. Sasha reaches for the knife, but Batman yanks her away. They ride up the cable, Batman kicking a few of them on their way behind.
“Pyg isn’t done with you yet! A pot of clay cannot deny the work of the potter! It is destiny! Snort It is fate! *Squeeeee! *”
Batman sets Sasha down and tries to lead her away. Except she doesn’t want to leave.
“Sasha, you have to leave, now!”
“I’m not going anywhere UNTIL I KILL PYG!!!”
She runs up to the closest Dollotron and pulls back, both wrestling it for its weapon and trying to keep her distance from the other Dollotrons. She grabs a Liston knife, kicks the Dollotron back, and draws her arm back, her sights in line with Pyg, behind the mass of Dollotrons, ready to throw the knife. Batman’s hand grabs her wrist.
“No.”, he says in a firm, but calm voice.
A Dollotron swings a saw at Sasha, and Batman pulls her back just in time.
“Now, come on!”, Batman says, letting go of her to give her freedom to escape.
Sasha instead swings at Batman to get him to back off.
A Dollotron grabs her. She stabs the Dollotron multiple times, but it does not fall. A drizzle of plaster falls from the ceiling. Batman looks up as the ceiling crumbles. Roots break through and ensnare some of the Dollotrons. Batman looks behind him to see Poison Ivy. Batman looks down at Sasha, who is now freed from the Dollotrons.
Batman sighs. “Ivy. Get these Dollotrons away from her. Sasha.” He looks between the two of them. “Ivy?”
“You’re Professor Pyg? These are your Dollotrons? You like turning people into freaks?”
Batman looks around to see more Dollotrons approaching.
Without so much as looking in Batman’s general direction, she raises an arm, prompting the roots to engage the Dollotrons as they please.
“You don’t get off so easy, Professor. No man can escape nature!”
Pyg runs away as Ivy stalks him at the pace of a speed walk.
“What will you do, Batman? Lock me up in prison with freaks like Pyg?”, Sasha asks.
“I’m getting you out of here. Whether you like it or not.”
“We’ll see about that.”, Sasha says as her face becomes a frown.
Roots effortlessly plow their way through solid concrete from all directions as Pyg runs away as fast as he can. He trips on a few of the roots, losing precious moments as Poison Ivy casually catches up to him.
“Where do you think you’re going, you savage… you kidnapper? Brute!”
“Pyg see broken. Pyg heal. Pyg thinks bigger than your limited minds can see. It’s what mommy would want!”
A huge vine crawls across the floor faster than Pyg can run away. He dives before the vine crashes into a wall, tearing it down.
“SQUEEEEE!”, Pyg cries in terror.
Vines creep around his legs, ready to grab him. He takes his axe and hacks at them as desperately. Ivy doesn’t take kindly to his pruning. With a shout of anger, the floor bursts beneath him as flora push him through the concrete ceiling, quite possibly breaking all his bones. He finds himself on the bleachers of the stadium, covered in his own blood. He struggles to get up, but pushes through the pain. Ivy elegantly rises through the hole by riding on one of her plants.
“You can’t get away with it anymore. I am Mother Nature, you lousy meat sack. And I’m not scared of you.”
“Pyg only here to help. Fear is just a distraction to overcome. Pyg can remove your fear. Make you better.”
“I don’t want your version of better.”
~ My heart beats so hard, it’s all I can remember. Everything else is a blur. Even those painful memories that flashed before my eyes as I…. Did that really just happen? It couldn’t have. I don’t even remember it happening. It just know it felt GOOD. I just know it felt right. Because he deserved it. Because he destroyed so many lives. Because he strapped me down to a table and tortured me. Because he took my life. ~
A limp body tumbles down the bleachers, thud after thud.
~ Because I… just… took…? OH MY GOD. I JUST KILLED HIM. ~
A deep chill goes down her spine. She knows exactly who’s behind her, the things that must be going on in his mind.
“Batman, I—”
“What. Happened?”
Ivy turns her head behind her, then quickly turns back.
“I… don’t know. It just happened… so fast. It was an accident!”
There is a lengthy silence as Batman slowly walks down the bleachers, step by step. He passes Ivy, who has a look of utter shame on her face. As he gets near the bottom, he examines the body. Ivy swallows, afraid to even move. She almost feels dizzy, like she needs to take a seat. But she can’t bring herself to, despite the obvious abundance of available seating.
“This was no freak accident. You lost control.”
Batman sighs audibly. “We have rules, Pamela.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Our only job is to keep people from getting hurt. We don’t do that by killing.”
“I’m glad to go by those rules, Batman. I like what we do. I would never do something I believe would cause harm.”
“If you’re going to be my ally, Pamela, you can’t get sloppy like this. You don’t get another chance to fix something like this.”
“I understand.”
“I think you should take a break from crimefighting for a while.”
“Batman, no—”
“Listen to me. Go live your life. Get your degree. Be the person you aspired to become before you got involved in my mission. Then, you have to decide. If you’re serious that this is what you want to do. I refuse to work with someone who’s reckless.”
Ivy remains silent for a while, again. Sirens are faintly heard, gradually growing louder.
“What will become of them, Batman?”
“The Dollotrons? We can only hope that someone can give them the help that they need.”
Ivy finally brings herself to take a seat. “It feels so helpless. I’ve never been more powerful in my entire life. But it still just feels so helpless.” She looks at Batman. Batman looks at her. “You’re right, Bruce. Maybe I do need a break.”

  • End Chapter 5 -

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