Tynions Batman Run Questions

So I finally got my copy of issue 86 today and I read up through 90 and I’m curious to know if anyone knows if 91 has come out? I know the release date said in march but both of my local shops have made no mention of it. Second question. What are opinions on designer up to 90. Thank you for the help everyone and happy reading


Issue #91 has come out! If you can’t find it at your local comic shops, it is available digitally on comiXology.

My opinions on the Designer: I’m very interested in who’s behind that mask. I have a feeling it’s a familiar face… I think it may be Egghead, from the '60s Batman TV show.


Thank you @HubCityQuestion so I dont want to attempt a guess because I’m really liking the unknown qualities of him right now his interactions in issue 90 were very very interesting helping and then hindering at the very end. Thank you so much for letting me know it has come out hqvent found it yet but looking forward to it I have a feeling Joker War is going to be amazing.