Who would you guys say is the most underrated/under-appreciated hero in the DC Universe. Likewise, who do you think is the villain most looked over and not taken seriously by the heroes in DC?

Obviously, The Question is DC’s most underrated hero.

As for the most underrated villains, I think more people need to get to know Punch and Jewelee. They have exactly the relationship dynamic that some people really want between Joker and Harley Quinn, so bringing them to prominence would be a great way of having your cake and eating it.


Static is very underrated. Even though ha had a series and shows up in Young Justice. He has all but disappeared in the comics.

Giganta is always just some brute most of the time.

Mister Terrific. He’s known as the 3rd smartest people in the world but yet know one barely heard of him until arrow. Even though the one on arrow is not accurate.

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Mr. Buddy Baker.

Gentlemen Ghost
B’wana Beast

Yea that’s true B’wanna Beast is overated. I wish they give him a new costume like what they did with Plastic man in yj

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@sambrosingapore ,absolutely agree. One of my faves. Brave & Bold does him Justice.

The Ventriloquist

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Agree djd I liked him in Brave and the Bold

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I’m always down with the Ventriloquist & Scarface. I know Scarface is a living entity. No Ventriloquist is that good.

Jeff Dunham might disagree.

Flash Fact: Jeff Dunham owns a Burton Batmobile. I don’t remember if it’s one that was used in filming or a recreation, but he owns it in any event.


Vroom. Haha. That’s all.

The penguin from Batman

Ted Kord (Is he still alive in current continuity?). The guy is “Tony Stark” smart, but he’s always played as the flunky (usually to Booster Gold). But don’t get me wrong, I’d pay good money for a Blue and the Gold comedy. adventure big-time film.

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Ted Kord is in the current continuity. He was active in the Rebirth Blue Beetle series as a mentor to Jaime.


Captain atom

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Figured I’d go and say it about now.

Wild Dog

Ted kord kind off the whole concept of his character