Unpopular opinions

Just a thread to share any and all unpopular opnions you have, dc related of course.


I really like All-Star Batman and Robin.

I don’t really get the appeal of Booster Gold.


The Long Halloween — and everything written by Jeph Loeb — is super, super bad. Tim Sale’s art is great, though. Also, Frank Miller’s work sucks and The Laughing Joke is terrible and at at fault for ushering in an even more edge-lord-y Batman/DC atmosphere.


Barry Allen is NOT the end-all, be-all when it comes to the Flash (I personally don’t think there IS one!) Flash is a Legacy character and it works best that way. By pushing Barry as the One-True Flash, DC is falling into a depressing pit of stagnation.


I think Ben Affleck is a good batman


I thought that The Dark Knight Rises was the best of the Nolan Trilogy.


-The Dark Knight trilogy is great but overrated to an extent. I prefer Batman’89 and Batman Returns.

-Batman Forever is underrated and Val Kilmer is my third favorite Batman after Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.

-Batman and Robin is the weakest Bat film but it’s a guilty pleasure cbm for me. I see it as a live action precursor to Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Which is another guilty pleasure.

-Jack Nicholson is my favorite live action Joker.

  • I don’t care for Constatine

-Harley Quinn is a cool and good character but has become extremly overrated.

  • I loathe Damien and want him to be killed off in a brutal way.

-Circe is a very underrated villian

-Could be much better but I like the DCEU enough except for Suicde Squad. I only enjoyed Batman’s appearances and one action scene in that movie.


I still like the 66 Batman series.


Superman and Wonder Woman make a cute power couple.


I hate episode 4 of titans

But I like the other episodes

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I agree with a previous comment that Val Kilmer was underrated and actually a great Batman.

Harley Quinn stinks and her popularity is the only reason she is written to be competent. Overly sexualized too.

Honestly, I hate Batman:Hush. I have it for the art, Jim Lee is great, but the story was weak in my opinion. The end sucked.

CW’s the Flash is a huge letdown. Season 1 was good and it’s gone downhill from there. Has 0% continuity with time travel rules and Barry’s ability/speed levels.

Adam west was the worst Batman.

Don’t stone me please. Lol

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I don’t really care for solo Batman stories. I like the character, but I think he shines best as a man standing with gods.


While I understand it has its place in pop culture, I hate the Adam West Batman.


I liked Mon-El on Supergirl. Yeah, he had issues, but he grew into a better man. I wish he was still on the show.


I just wish DC comics would stop reinventing their comic characters every few years. Ya, I’m exaggerating but not by much. I loved Crisis on Infinite Earths in the 80’s, but then came Infinite Crisis, New 52, then Rebirth…did I miss anything? Ugh…After a while it gets confusing. I know. I know. Marvel does it too.


I’m patiently waiting for DCU to make a decent app that is usable with Fire stick/TV.


This is probably a huge comic sin but I confess… I can’t stand the cheesy dialog and primitive artwork of anything pre-1990’s.


@aphex978 While I agree with you for the most part. Frank Miller and Alan Moore were addressing that in the 80s. They paved the way for modern comic book writing, IMO. The Dark Knight Returns, Year One, Watchmen, etc. weren’t cheesy at all and were written pre 90s.

Some of that cheesy dialogue extended through the 90s and even continues today. To me, it’s partially about proper use of spoken dialogue vs inner dialogue. It’s always cheesy when someone is speaking their inner thoughts and makes books feel clunky, silly, unnatural. That’s been a trope of comic books for a long time, but Miller and Moore helped change/improve that.

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