UPDATE! DC Daily is totally Y2Prey! It's the Birds of Prey thread you've been waiting for!

Hello DC Daily family!

If this was the year 2004 and you were in a press junket with the cast of “Birds of Prey”(!!), what would YOU ask them?
What are some of your favorite Time Capsule, or as we call it, Y2PREY moments from the show?

Please let us know in the comments section below. We have a few more fun “Birds of Prey” shows coming your way, so send us your moments and they might just make it on air!

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This episode is important to me because it’s the first one I viewed with the 📺 Late Night Watch Along 📺 club. I still stand by my comment from about 30 minutes in, when our Villain of the Week forces a kiss on Helena:


I’ll have to dig out my wideleg JNCO jeans and long sleeve Utility shirt with vertical striped sleeves (along with a couple bottles of Fruitopia) for this one…


I have to go with episode 12 as my favorite cause, it’s a first time we ever get to see Clayface in live action! :grinning:

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Has anyone brought up that the woman who plays hours in the CW’s bat woman plays a young bird of prey in the series


Rachel Skarsten plays Alice. I noticed this from the promos before the show aired that she would play the main villain and thought it was pretty cool all these years later she gets to go from hero to villain.


A little something I notice from the reviews on DC Daily of this show is it seems everyone on the panel is down on the show as being bad, trashy, or doesn’t live up to 2019 standards. That’s ok, but I loved this show when it originally aired when I was in college and the theme song was bad ass - Aimee Allen’s “I’d Start a Revolution.” DCU replaced it for some rights reason I’m sure with a more teen angst sing songy theme song which really takes away from the show at the start.
The fight sequences were all pretty well-choreographed and the costuming is all in The Matrix era (hence trench coats and leather - Trinity). This was also late Dawson’s, early One Tree Hill dubba dubba WB and right around the same time as Ben Affleck’s Daredevil.
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the panel is just snobby about the show and no one is defending it yet everyone is all the rage about Harley Quinn - which was ok, but needs to define what it’s going to be - and/or super supportive of Batwoman, which really needs some work if it’s gonna last more than one season. Maybe have a couple people who love the show and a couple people who are snobby about it, but not everyone seemingly just tolerating having to watch it.


A bit of trivia. Mia Sara’s son has Quinn as his middle name. Coincidence?

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The show is very much a product of its time to be sure. It often doesn’t have the best comic book accurate plots. That said, I think that there is a lot of Helena Wayne in today’s Batwoman.

And it is the best, most sarcastic yet loving, take on Alfred to date.

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Grant-worthy, @AlexanderKnox. :+1:



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CW Crisis Spoiler: Wade is now a BAKED potato!

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I remember watching this as it aired. It was fun. It was different but fun. I had such a crush on Ashley Scott and it was a thrill to see her back in the costume last night for Crisis.

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