Update on IOS it is 100X better! Thank You!

Do not know if Applejack will see this but I promised myself I will give an update on UI. 9/10 stuff is fixed! IOS works flawlessly/much better, I use my DCU phone and Roku A LOT, iPhone for Community and News. and watch on the GO. It was unuasble on the phone but the pause works great! Upvote and Comments works great! All good here! iPad had an update much later and now both iPhone and iPad work great. Tried he Desktop and it is really good I think that is where everyone is.

I still have not tried the Digital Comics (Physical dude) but I will report it later, not a big Digital reader but do want to read one or two book sometime later. The problem I had with it was the tap and sensetivity of it.

The real reason is 9/10 is the loading issues are still a bit slow but much better than the other update!

All in all it really good and my family is enjoying so much more thanks!

Good job :+1: and Thank You!


Thank you so much for circling back @TheHelloThereDude!! I’m thrilled (and very relieved) to hear it’s improved. Keep letting us know how to make it even better!

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