Video Content change schedule

When will see new content on here beside Titan?

They need to at least add more animation like Krypto, Green Lantern animated show and,1960s cartoons.

I’m sure we’ll get some kind of November update any day now. October was very slow with new updates. Only video content I think they added was 1984 Supergirl and then of course Titans.

In the watchtower it says on December 1’s we will be getting the 4 Burton Batman movies back (the ones starting with Burton directing) as well as the filmation Superman, Aquaman and Batman animated series. Sadly we will be losing The Christian Bale Batman movies after tomorrow.

Although while a month gap between it is not ideal exchanging 2 movies for 4 movies and 3 animated series is not the worst trade in the world. Hopefully that means the Christian bale movies will come back around soon, even more hopefully with all 3 this time.

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I own the Christian Bale Batman movies on Blu-Ray so I can watch them anytime (from home at least)

@djariya1973 They also added DC IRL, DC University, and new episodes of DC Universe Presents.