Wally West(s)

I have been reading my way through the flash rebirth series and still can’t figure out why there are 2 Wally Wests. If anyone can help out with an explanation I would really appreciate it.

On an in-universe level, they’re cousins. The New 52 Wally, later renamed Wallace, is the son of Iris’ brother, Daniel, while Wally maintains his original parentage. It’s revealed that they were both named after their great-grandfather

On a meta level, when Wally was initially introduced in the New 52, he was supposed to simply be that universe’s version of the character. However, between fans still missing the OG Wally and Geoff Johns also wanting to bring him back, Rebirth did just that. But since DC also didn’t want to get rid of New 52 Wally, they came up w/ that retcon to explain how they could both exist in the new timeline


Thanks that helps clear it somewhat. Flash comics are sometimes confusing but I love them


No problem. Yeah, confusion is bound to happen when you’re dealing w/ speedsters who can travel through time and hop between dimensions


At least the show is easy to follow