waner media Streaming service

when Waner media streaming service comes out. Do you think they should merge Dc streaming into waner media or keep it as it’s own

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I’d rather they keep it as it’s own thing.

Maybe bundle it with the Warner one.


Hope bundle with discount if you take both


I would love for them to keep it separate. I think they could do it by putting some content on both. Here’s how I’d do it:

WB streaming service

  • DC related shows & movies
  • A ton of non DC related WB stuff

DC Universe

  • DC related shows & movies
  • Comics library, news, giveaways, and the community

I don’t know if that’s possible, but if it is it would allow them to add the appeal of DC related content to the WB streaming service, while still keeping DC Universe.


Bundle, not merge.

The tv/movie fans would complain about the comics stuff being unnecessary and that it’s Warner using DC Universe to inflate the subscription price.

I think Bundle would go over better. With banners or something on the front page of the Warner service to remind people it’s available.


Bundle. But honestly I wouldnt be mad at a merge it would make things easier if everything was from one service.


I don’t want them to merge them because if so I doubt the comics and forum would carry over. Even if the forum did it wouldn’t be the same open to everyone not just DC fans.

But I don’t really think they will. Cinimex on Demand, HBONow, Boomerang and CW Seed are all services owned by Warner or a subsidiary three of them pay services. Warner isn’t exactly by any account going to shut all those down, and even if they did unless the service was 30 bucks or something insane it would lose money.

And not like Disney is shutting down Hulu, or any other Disney owned streaming services to move everything to one service so why would Warner?

A lot of people are speculating that but since the day DC Universe launched despite us not knowing their numbers or their financial situation there has been a swell of people bound and determined to say it has failed. So I think most of it is born out of that.

I obviously wouldn’t know, but I don’t see them merging.


I’ll put my vote in for the bundle & not merge. I’m really not that interested in the Warner Media service, and I don’t want to pay extra for this service. Plus, if they were to merge, Warner Media would siphon off a lot of the great work their doing on this app, spending more time on the Warner Media app. Keep them separate.

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Bundle for sure

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No merge for me.

I like them separate.

My fear would be, if they merge, chances are there will be changes made, and it could be bad changes which destroys the quality.

If they offer a bundle of different streaming services, I’m ok with that. I think it’d be cool to see Boomerang app plus DC Universe & Warner Streaming, maybe add HBO app.

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I think Corps with multiple streaming services will do what the cable universe does and offer bundles (Although the streaming services can do it thinner and more cost effective both to themselves and consumers.

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