Warner brothers DC ownership 101 on DC daily?!?!?

I used to watch a lot of YouTube channels (emmergencyawesome, denofnerds, mrsundayvideos etc etc) and they often discuss how splintered the Marvel characters (less so now with the Disney fox acquisition) were/are such as prior to fox Disney deal Disney owned some marvel characters and fox had all of Xmen, Fantastic 4, deadpool and Sony Spiderman etc (apparently universal has solo hulk movie rights and man thing and major were separately owned too?) ANYWAY I enjoy knowing kind of where my characters are and with DC I know they haven’t been splintered like the Marvel characters but I think it’d be cool to learn more about Warner bros and DC and that relationship etc and the business type history side of things. I feel like I know more about MCU and Marvel for this reason whereas even though I’ve seen every modern DCEU movie and all CWDC episodes of all the seasons and seen all the new content released by dcu app (doom patrol, both titans seasons, swamp thing, am half way through all young justice etc) and am reading comics on the app…I think like a dcu Warner history segment would be so cool, I saw they went to like a vault where movie props are stored - loved that episode and saw the original documents founding Warner bros that was so cool, I’d love to see some more of that type if thing on dcdaily, I’m not really seeing YouTube channels discussing it so what do y’all think? Would people enjoy that?


Also we can say there isn’t splintering of the DCU but with shows on HBOmax, DCUapp, CW etc I mean…there’s plenty of discussion