was swamp thing cancelled???

Was swamp thing cancelled???


I can’t believe Warner Brothers (or who ever pulls the trigger on things like this)has cancelled Swamp Thing!!! This show is GREAT!!! In fact it’s the first show on DC Universe that I actually look forward to. Titans was good but could be better. Doom Patrol…I’m six episodes away from the finish and I’m STILL not into it. Swamp Thing I loved right from the beginning. If you can’t afford North Carolina…move the production!! It wouldn’t be the first production to do that. The show is just too good to abandon.


The DC Universe app has been almost a complete waste for me. I pre-ordered the subscription when I saw that…

  1. they were going to be making a Swamp Thing show,

  2. I’d get a bonus of an extra 3-months with my annual subscription,

  3. I was going to be able to watch everything on my amazon firebox.

Unfortunately, the app wasn’t available on Amazon devices the first three months my membership was active… so basically it was a big FU as my “free three months” were wasted. Then they cut production of Swamp Thing and then cancelled it? I haven’t started it yet because I wanted a couple episodes to build up… but now I’m not even sure I want to watch it at all, get invested in the characters and story just to not get anything else out of it.

What the hell did I give you money for, DC? About the only thing decent about the app is your comic reader (when I’m not looking at a picture of Alfred telling me things are broken)… and even then, I can just use comixology for the same thing.

I may contact them and request a refund since literally everything I bought into this for is not happening.


Swamp Thing Season1 is still going.
There will be no Season 2 and there likely never was going to be.

Btw… Firefly is an amazing show. You should watch it.
It also got cancelled after one season.


@LeonardoMyst I didn’t want to be the voice of doom but when it got cut from 13 episodes to 10 episodes I was not shocked to find no season 2 was planned. While they never officially said that before last week I am not sure much changed from the announcement of the show being reduced in number of episodes.

@ DanTheManOne1

I agree.

I looked forward to Swamp Thing from the moment I read it was going to be made! Titans was okay, but will never gain a large audience because it is too dark for most people. Doom Patrol did not interest me at all. Swamp Thing so far has been everything it was supposed to be! It really has potential. These last 8 episodes better be great, and wrap things up.


DCU Originals DID do Swamp Thing. To criticize them for delivering it, seems unfair. You wanted a Swamp Thing series and you got a Swamp Thing series. That is just a factual statement. I can see the roku issue as a compliment with validity.

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DeSade-acolyte, we were promised a series (not a mini series, not a limited series, etc.), but stuff gets cancelled. Fine, that’s life. We were promised 13 episodes, which was later cut to 10. Then after promising reviews and what looks like a sizable motivation for many subscribers to join, they canceled it. If you bought a cake then discovered when you opened the box that almost a third of it was missing would you be satisfied? “Well at least I got cake.”

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I knew it was always a risk that these shows might not get picked up for 2nd seasons, but I plunked down my subscription money for Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol alone, as a massive hardcore fan of both. If they are gone after this I just won’t resubscribe next year is all, and will enjoy what I had over what I didn’t.

What I DO have a possible issue with is that they were forced to cut episodes 11-13 at the last minute. That’s 3 episodes I thought I was getting when I paid for this. I really hope whatever end they scramble to cobble together with reshoots is still well done. The first two episodes have been amazing so far and I will feel really cheated as a customer if in the last few episodes everything kind of falls apart or is a hackjob. I can live with one solid season. Swampy and DP are certainly better than any of the lightweight stuff you see for free on other networks.


Is there a petition we can sign to try to save this show?

I re-upped for this show alone, then watching Doom Patrol I was blown away. I heard there were plans to even build toward Justice League Dark.

Swamp Thing has been AWESOME!!! I heard about the cancellation a couple days after the 1st episode premiered…WTF??? Can go by ratings THAT quickly. Money not going the way they wanted? As for JLDark…I’d kill to see that.


only DC is capable of doing something as good as Swamp Thing and then shoot itself in the leg by cancelling it.


“I heard there were plans to even build toward Justice League Dark.”


Do not believe things you read on the Internet.

Swamp Thing is a classic, they did very well with it in the first 2 episodes. Long live the Green!!!


Love this show, dump the other crap on your agenda and focus on this project. Great show so far. Bring back the Green.


There is a jl dark cartoon on the app. Matt Ryan is John. You should also check him out in the very Alan Moore based Constantine live action also in the app. If there is enough interest we might get more? IDK. But I hope