We need a season 2 of swamp thing

Who here thinks we need a 2nd season for swamp thing!?


I agree best thing out there right now!

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Overall there needs to be clarity from DCU. Are they merging into a WB streaming service to compete with Disney+? At the end of the day, people just want to know. But to get back to the original topic, yes we need a season 2 of Swamp Thing. Actually, we don’t need it, the World needs it.

With no international pick up of season 1, it’s not worth the cost. We do not need DCU Originals laying out $10’s of millions of dollars on another big money loser.

Under those circumstances we DO NOT need a second season of such an unprofitable show. And one is not coming, at least not any time soon.

The decision has been made, and it was the right decision. Don’t throw good money after bad.

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definitely something new for a superhero show and its a shame they cancelled it. its definitely worth the money. its one of the few only dcu originals or dc shows that have great reviews and response from comic fans. so YES its definitely worth it to save this show.

We so need a swamp thing two. It so sad that taxes would be the thing to take the show down. Titans were able to continue working even though they were grieving the loss of their close friend in the stunt department. Well if they can’t make swamp thing work maybe dr. Arcane can come back as Zatanna.

@dannyrod the North Carolina Thing was confirmed false

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Is it bad that I just don’t care? I’m not saying that you all can’t care, but Swamp Thing hasn’t interested me so far. Which is a shame since I love these kinds of dramas. I don’t dislike it, it just hasn’t pulled me in. Maybe my brain is trying to shelter itself from the knowledge that it will never get a second season by staying disconnected from it? But I don’t think so.

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@Awesome_Squid: North Carolina Thing sounds like Swamp Thing’s more provincial cousin.

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I’m 100% with DeSade on this. It’s a waste of money and few people would make this decision if it were their cash. If you did, you’d bankrupt the country.

I’m more invested in the worst season of Arrow than I am of Swamp Thing. At least in Arrow, the low quality dramatics are accompanied by a fast moving plot, more interesting characters, and a few fight scenes per episode. If you’re going to give me a soap opera, at least give it enough flash and wiggle to distract me. I will say that the cinematography in Swamp Thing is generally good. That’s literally the only thing I’d say is pretty consistently good.

I can’t wait until the story comes out on how they screwed up the budget of this show. I have no idea where the money went.

I agree we truly need a season two for swamp thing

I meant company not country. Whoops.

Where are edits? How is this still not a thing?

@BatWatch There’s a massive update to the Community coming sometime this summer (I think) that should add that feature.

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I feel like it’s been discussed forever.

I know. It should have been here from the beginning. But they’ve already improved so much from when the service first started that I’m confident that their promises to continue to improve will be fulfilled.

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An honest question for those that say there needs to be a second season.
How much are you willing to pay it?

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