We Need Your Opinions about the Music of Batman Movie Villains for an Upcoming Book!

Greetings! I am a college professor and currently doing research for a possible upcoming scholarly publication about the relationship between media and audiences. A specific portion of the research centers on how the music of selected Batman film villains impacted how audiences reacted to that villain. So please reply and give me your opinions on the music for any or all of the following selected villains:
#1 Joker’s music (Batman 1989)
#2 Penguin’s music (Batman Returns 1992)
#3 Catwoman’s music (Batman Returns (1992)
#4 Riddler’s music (Batman Forever 1995)
#5 Two-Face’s music (Batman Forever 1995)
#6 Mr. Freeze’s music (Batman & Robin 1997)
#7 Poison Ivy’s music (Batman & Robin 1997)
#8 Scarecrow’s music (Batman Begins (2005)
#9 Joker’s music (The Dark Knight 2008)
#10 Bane’s music (The Dark Knight Rises 2012)

I love all of Hans Zimmer’s music from the Dark Knight trilogy, but Joker’s music definitely stands out the most. The way Zimmer was able to build a theme around a single note that just kept getting bigger and bigger was just so eerie and perfect for that version of the character