(Week 3) [Doom Patrol Club] Doom Patrol Beginnings(1955-): Issues #80-85(February 24-March 1)

Yeah, that’s fine if its out of order. Love hearing the back story about it :slight_smile:


swoops in yes? :grin:

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Right? That’s the thing that I love about about Doom Patrol us that their enemies are weird and different


:robot:Is this your first time reading Doom Patrol Comics?

In general? No, I’ve read a good chunk of the Grant Morrison run, as well a bit of the Keith Giffen run shortly before The New 52 started, and a couple of issues of the Gerard Way run in Young Animal. I’ve also read them when they crossed over in other books, like in New Teen Titans.

But this is the first time I’ve read their earliest adventures, yes.

:robot:Which villian in these issues stood out to you and why?

It kind of has to be General Immortus, doesn’t it? He’s the closest thing they have to a consistent arch-nemesis, and he typically has the most interesting schemes and problems for the Doom Patrol to stop.

:robot:What was your favorite Page / Issue and why?

The one that comes to mind is the Negative Man entity racing to pull the fuse from Robotman’s head before it explodes, that was a really exciting sequence.

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Awesome! Thanks for your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

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