What are Batman's Stangest Team-Up's.

So Batman is a hugely popular character with a bazillion different ongoing tiles, mini-series, and one shots over the years. And as such he has teamed up with a LOT of different characters, and crossed over into a lot of different book.

So I was wondering, what does everyone think are some of batman’s most unusual team-up’s he has had in his long storied career. Not nessecarily the best written or most engaging. But the ones that made you say “They actually teamed Batman up with who now?”

My five pics for strangest Batman team-ups, in no particular order.

  1. Brave and the Bold 92 with The Bat Squad - I don’t know if this would even qualify since as far as I know these were original characters who only appeared the one time. But since it was in Brave and the Bold, I figured it qualified. I would ask what drugs they were on when they came up with that nonsense, but given it was 1970, the answer is probably “all of them… all of the drugs”.

  2. Batman and Cal Ripken Jr. - I only just learned this one exist. It was a promotional comic from Big Leage Chew lines up with when Cal Ripken Jr. was about to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame. Just seems so… weird.

  3. Batman '66 and The Legion of Super Heroes - Honestly, most of the Batman '66 team-ups, except for the Green Hornet one which was at least established to be in the same continuity in the TV shows were in the vein of “what?!” but while the rest, even Archie to an extent were characters largely molded from the same time period I don’t know what made them think of The Legion of Super Heroes as a logical one. Maybe they just ran out of other properties and wanted to find SOMETHING to keep the money train going. Yeah, that is likely what it is.

  4. Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - While I hear it and the movie it is based on are great stories, I still am amazed they thought to do that. I mean where besides “they both make a lot of money, let’s team them up and make twice as much money” did they think that was a logical choice to team up?

  5. Batman and Elmer Fudd… it’s Batman… and Elmer Fudd… played straight. Batman and Elmber Fudd played it straight… think about that.

So any even weirder ones I missed?


Batman ‘66 #27, where Batman and Robin team up with real life Mexican wrestlers El Santo, Mil Mascaras, and Tinieblas.

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Ok, I have GOT TO read Batman '66.

Batman and Brother Power the Geek (Brave and the Bold #29) - actually quite a good story.


All the Silver and Bronze Age team-ups with Metamorph, Plastic Man and The Metal Men. They were sheer fun and lunacy from eras that had the good sense not to take themselves too seriously.

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