What are you thankful for?

November is the month of giving thanks. What has DC brought you that makes you thankful? It can be maybe a character, a comic book writer, a comic book story, a comic book series. Say what you’re thankful for that relates to DC Universe and explain why you are thankful for it. Maybe it changed your perspective, maybe it made you appreciate the character, maybe you could relate to the character.

I will start.

I am thankful for the wonderful works brought to life by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini known as the Animated Series. The Animated Series is what brought my love for the DC, and was phenomenal to. They are works that any age can appreciate and love and watch millions of times.

I am thankful for Todd Phillips, Patty Jenkins, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and more for being brave enough to tell the stories they did on the screen and taking the criticisms that they did. And even Greg Berlanti for bringing the Arrowverse shows to life. Love them or hate them, every single one of the bad and good films and shows has helped made the DC Universe what it is now and it’s a great community.

What are you thankful for?

I would also say I’m thankful that Warner Brothers gave the DC Universe an honest chance when it comes to tv, movies, games, and more. I think it’s really progressed from where it started. Of course the classic will always be good, but it’s nice to see some new things happening.