What Are Your Top Three Favorite Publisher You Enjoy Reading?

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Publisher You Enjoy Reading? If you could only choose three comic book publishers to read for the rest of your life, which three would you choose?

  • DC dc
  • Marvel marvel
  • Dark Horse dark horse
  • Image image
  • Valiant valiant
  • Vertigo vertigo
  • Dynamite dynamite
  • WildStorm wildstorm
  • Other (Reply Below) other

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DC and Image were for sure for me. The third one I really wasn’t sure about. I definitely would’ve picked Vertigo, but if the stipulations are that we’re reading them for the rest of our life, then I’d rather go with a publisher that is still printing. From there it was a toss up between Marvel and Dark Horse and I picked Marvel.

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I don’t consider Vertigo or Wildstorm as separate publishers and Image has published some truly great comics…so I went with DC, Marvel, and Image.

Voting for DC on their own website seemed obvious, so I voted Dark Horse and Image for the sheer variety (including DH’s manga licenses) and opportunities for new voices, and “Other” to represent Vault, whom I feel are doing a good job of filling the Horror/Fantasy/SciFi gap left by Vertigo’s demise. I hear good things about Hill House Comics, though!

I only put Dark Horse simply because of their massive Star Wars library. I know that Marvel owns them now and has rebranded them as Legends, but Dark Horse made them.

Of course you have to have DC on there.

I’ve read Garth Ennis’ Hellblazer run and loved it. I’m reading The Sandman right now and I’m either reading Preacher or The Boys next, so I gotta have Vertigo.

Edit: It just occurred to me that The Boys isn’t Vertigo.

DC of course. Makes up 99% of what I read. That last 1% goes to Image and IDW. Like to dabble in Saga and Transformers every now & then.