What Are Your Unpopular Opinions

What are some of your unpopular opinions about characters, runs, or writers.

I am a fan of Doom Patrol and have been reading multiple runs of it. I have heard multiple people describe it as amazing or even phenomenal and I completely disagree. It is decent but not as amazing as everyone makes it seem. Now this is the perspective of someone who was introduced to Doom Patrol through this run. Way writes the series as if the reader already know who the Doom Patrol is. He spends more time explaining his original characters than the OG characters. It feels like he is picking up the series from another writer at issue 10 instead of him starting at issue 1. In hindsight, I think he tried to use too many characters out the gate unlike many of his predecessors who used three. Way does a good job of building conflict but it doesn’t pay off . He builds up a villain over the course of many issues and then the issue is resolved in a page or two. I also think that he attempted to imitate Morrison weirdness but not that great. I had to flip back in forth between pages to see if I skipped one or not. In the end, it felt like it lacked cohesiveness. When I read Morrison’s run, weird things happened but I always felt like he prepared me for it in previous issues. It also felt like there was little action. He gives Casey her own powers but she never uses them, we really don’t get to see Jane’s alters much, and Negative Man rarely uses his powers to. I mean Cliff gets to punch a couple of people but that’s about it. With the return of Doom Patrol in July, I hope that Way changes some things.

Joker by Brian Azzarello is one of the worst things I have ever read. I didn’t enjoy the story or the way that many the characters are drawn like Killer Croc or The Riddler.

I have some more but I can’t think of any of them now. Feel free to share your own.


Hated the Metal Event. As a new reader, it nearly turned me off comics completely. Rebirth, up until that point was a great entry into the comics but Metal was the first time I truly felt “this isn’t for me”.

Don’t know if it’s “unpopular” but I really don’t like Tom King’s Batman right now.


Ooh, these topics are always fun.

Here’s one: Grant Morrison’s JLA is boring, full of plot holes, and often completely nonsensical. To highlight a problem with the run overall: If I recall correctly, I counted seven separate alien invasions over the course of the run. Did Morrison really not have any other ideas? Almost every story is “something big and scary shows up, and the JLA runs around a little and then they win.” Compare to Mark Waid, who had more varied threats while still having them be JLA-tier problems and still found time for more character conflict and development than Morrison ever did despite having a much shorter run.


When every Justice League story arc is about the fate of the universe, it starts to feel stale. Team books need personal arcs.


Not a big fan of the 1989 Batman film and I don’t think that the Dark Knight Returns is the best batman comic (it is ok, IMO)


@YoYoFroYo I don’t think DKR is the best Batman comic either. It’s not even in my top 10 Bat books. Speaking of Batman…

He’s EXTREMELY overrated! That’s my unpopular opinion.


I openly admit that I enjoy The Dark Knight Strikes Again over The Dark Knight Returns


On the topic of DKR, does anyone enjoy Frank Miller’s art in DKR. I actually never read it because of it. Every time I sit down to read it, I open the book to the first page, look at the art, and immediately put it back on my bookshelf and read something else. I also didn’t like Miller’s cover for Detective Comics #1000 either.


George Clooney would be a better choice for old man Bruce in a Batman Beyond movie than Michael Keaton.

The Killing Joke, Hush and the Long Halloween are the most overrated Batman stories of all time.

Countdown is not as bad as everyone says.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is not as good as everyone says.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is Jack Kirby’s greatest work (New Gods comes close)

Watchmen is the beginning of a long slide in the quality of Alan Moore’s writing. Everything he wrote it before it is better; everything he wrote after is worse.

Arkham Asylum (the original graphic novel by Grant Morrison) is an ugly, shambolic mess of a book that should be read by no one.

Emerald Twilight is one of the best Hal Jordan stories.

Jason Todd is the best Robin.


I’d actually rather see Clooney as Bruce in a live action Batman Beyond movie too. We know Keaton can play The Bat, so this would be Clooney’s chance to show us his mostly untapped bat-potential.


@Flamebird23 Miller’s art can be an acquired taste in some titles. The first time I cracked open a trade of TDKR I thought “This is a masterpiece?” but as I read the story I mentally adjusted to his style and liked it in the end.

Conversely, I’ve tried and tried to read Sin City over the years and I just can’t get past the art in that one.


I’ve been a big fan of Miller’s art ever since Jon Bogdanove swiped from him in the Man of Steel Zero Hour crossover. I actually like parts of Dark Knight Strikes Again and even I can’t bring myself to read Sin City.

The Dark Knight Returns is not that great. Also Frank Miller should stay far away from Superman


Starfire is wayyy overrated. Sorry Starfire fans it’s just my opinion.


Ezra Miller sucks as the Flash

Change my mind lmao


I think Ben Affleck is a bit overrated as Batman. Good, yes. Best ever? No, not for me at least.

For me, Christian Bale played the definitive live action version of the definitive non-powered human badass of the DCU. He competently switched between the affable billionaire and a man seeking justice and the means to turn fear against those who prey upon the fearful. His was a Batman that you dare not trifle with and a truly fear inducing caped crusader.


@InMagno I felt like Ezra’s direction of the Flash was wrong. He felt more like a teenage Wally West with Barry’s origin story. I wonder if he read any of the source material to prepare for his role. And if he did what did he read cause he could of easily picked up a Flash comic and read Wally’s Flash without even knowing it. He could have also watched something like Justice League Unlimited and not know the difference. I hope since he is working on writing the Flash script with Morrison, he would be sent the right direction with the character like they did with Amber Heard and Mera in the Aquaman movie.


-Snyder’s Batman run is overrated. Enjoyable sure but not the greatest run ever.

-Events that require the reader to read a bunch of issues outside of the main event book just to understand the story are stupid.

-Jason Todd was a fine Robin and its too bad writers started the whole victim blaming angle with him just to make him out to have been a “bad” Robin.

-Morrison’s Batman is overrated. I know a lot of people think its the best thing since sliced bread but I don’t care for it. Just my opinion.

  • The Killing Joke comic was horrible for its treatment of Barbara but the Bruce Timm animated movie was far worse in that regard.

So I like Scott Synder and his work but I felt that Metal was not worth the hype. It wasn’t bad I just felt it didn’t have the weight of importance that I think they were going for. I didn’t read it till it came out in Volume form and spent over $100 on it, didn’t seem worth the money. Started off strong and by the end was like eh.

I think there are some Cassandra Cain fans that only accept “Orphan” because DC starved them of Cass for years, and then the best they could do was an infantilized clone spat out in someone’s Harper Row fanfiction. I’ve seen no evidence that Rebirth has resolved the blatant dissonance between her good version, and James Tynion IV’s version, and I think that’s because he’s sentimental about his own writing, even if it’s not that good. He ditched Tim Drake’s new origin and returned it to pre-Flashpoint status, so why not Cassandra? Why not Stephanie? Why not Azrael–oh, right, he died. Well, maybe better dead than reinvented by stupid editorial mandates.

On a related note, I think Tynion has been endeared to some readers, not because of his “great” writing (I don’t care if Scott Snyder taught him in a few classes, the guy did not do a great job on the Bat-Eternal series), but because he’s associated with “bringing back” fan-favorite characters, like he was a deciding factor. Given how little DC’s higher-ups have historically never cared about Cass or Stephanie, chances are they were going to buckle and bring them back anyway, and figured they could make some money doing so in “anniversary stories” written by a self-professed fan. That, and being able to slap Snyder’s name on the covers.