What Are Your Unpopular Opinions

Bendis is NOT the best writer for Superman. A lot of people are praising his Superman work simply because he is getting the character’s voice right in a way that appeals to them but I feel that everything else about his work there is just mediocre or even poor at times. What good is getting a single character’s voice “right” (whatever that means) when everything else around that one aspect is pretty crappy.


Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were very good movies that got far more hatred than they deserved. Most of the reviews I saw of them were just lists of exaggerated nitpicks that ignored all of the films’ positive aspects.

Bane’s outfit in “Gotham” looks really cool. Something about that cyberpunk aesthetic just speaks to me.

Aquaman is one of the Justice League’s most bada$$ members and the jokes about him being lame and useless are wholly inaccurate and stopped being funny in the 1990s.

While I like the Nolan trilogy just fine, I feel that every portrayal of the Joker since TDK has tried too hard to copy Heath Ledger’s model by exaggerating the character’s nihilistic sociopathy while forgetting that he is also supposed to be funny, essentially proving that they don’t really get the character.

I never much cared for the Nolanverse Batman costume because I always get it looked too fake.

Harley Quinn looked cooler and sexier in the original jester costume. The skimpy outfits from New 52 and Rebirth just look tacky.


Batman: the Brave and The Bold is a very underrated batman cartoon. Sure it’s comical but it is in a good way


I also laughed way more than I should have at the challengers of the unknown jokes in Teen Titans go to the movies


My top 10

The fawning over very good comics writers and artists. Morrison, Moore, Miller, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Denny O’Neil, Kirby, Johns, DiDio, Snyder (aka “the big names”) like they can do no wrong and their story arcs are always great. Their not. They have all had “meh” runs at stuff.

Tim Burton is THE WORST director of Batman film(s) ever. He makes great villains absolute c@apola. (Joker, Catwoman, & Penguin)

Batman Returns is THE WORST Batman film of all time.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was awful. (But, I’ll cut her some slack on that because of the script & director, both barfed on that)

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume is the worst Catwoman costume of all time.

Batman Forever is a good film BECAUSE it’s a b-movie style classic and pokes fun at itself. It is DC’s equivalent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the best “Crisis” type event, ever. When you consider it’s time in which it was done and the fact that comics had never seen this type of universe/multiverse clash and that so many heroes died. It was and still is, if you can cast your mind back the the context of the era, the second best 12 issue series in the history of comics. Only Watchmen tops it…but Watchmen is on Time’s 100 best novels of all time.

Gotham By Gaslight is a better Batman story than TDNR and The Killing Joke.

The Joker needs to lighten up on occasion. The Killing Joke was good, but it’s made the Joker as 2d as any of his other incarnations. He needs some more light-hearted romps sometimes.

The Batman (animated series) is better than Batman The Animated Series. The Brave and The Bold is much better than most people give it credit for.


Wally West is one of the most overrated characters in DC. I’ve read bits of the Waid and Johns run as well as his time in Wolfman/Perez’s Titans, and at best, he’s the least interesting part of the story, and at worst he’s just outright aggrivating. The only time I’ve really liked Wally is in The Flash TV show and the Young Justice cartoon.

While I’m at it, Tim Drake is the worst Robin. Like, what is it people like about him? He’s nice. That’s about it. Niceness makes for an inoffensive character, but not a good character. Literally the only time I’ve really liked Tim as a character was B:TAS, and let’s be honest, that was Jason Todd in every aspect but name.

And just to complete the trifecta, Barbara Gordon as Oracle was very overrated. Not only was she annoying in how she acted and was never properly called out on it, but she basically made other Bat characters doing detective work too easy and took something away from all those characters. She absolutely works best as Batgirl.


The CW shows are no longer worth watching.


Gal Gadot is a dreadful actor. DREADFUL.

Great thread! Let’s see here…
Justice League the movie did not deserve all of the hate it got
People hate on DC movies just because they aren’t marvel movies, not because of the quality
Ezra Miller was the wrong choice for the flash
Henry Cavill / Amy Adams are a great Superman/Louis combo
The Death of Superman/Reign of Supermen arc in the 90’s deserves more credit than it gets (personal favorite)


IMO, Ezra Miller was an OK casting choice given the script. It was the script made the character “weak”. I can see the desire to have one character “find their inner hero” as a plotline. However, I think Flash being more afraid of the potential of his powers would have been a better arc for Barry. (Frankly I think it was far to influenced by the first 2 seasons of CW Flash.)


That is certainly an unpopular opinion. Would you be willing to elaborate more. I’d love to know why you hold this view.

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Two more:

Black Canary’s '80s costume looks fine. The headband’s a bit much and she usually wore a weird haircut with it, but the costume itself is actually pretty cool.

Bat-Mite isn’t as annoying as people make him out to be, and is actually kind of a clever concept for a character.


Brave and the Bold is consistently a better show than TAS.

New Batman Adventures is a better show than the original run of TAS.

Superman is a better show than TAS.

The Dark Knight is the weakest film in the Nolan trilogy because its too long and can’t seem to decide what point it’s trying to make at the end. Ledger’s performance is amazing though.

No one has ever done a better version of the Riddler or the Penguin than the Batman '66 show.

Final Crisis is the best Crisis.

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@TheDemonEtrigan Totally on board with your opinion on Riddler, especially the Frank Gorshin version. John Astin a bit less so.
Burgess Meredith was a great Penguin, and while I’m less of a fan of the visual of Penguin in BTAS, I actually think Paul Williams voice works better for the character.

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I don’t like Kingdom Come (although I’ve found it better over time, so who knows how I’ll feel in a few years)

Final Crisis is the worst crisis. I don’t need to read a whole event that is just Grant Morrison complaining about editors.

I didn’t like the The Dark Knight Returns. I understand why it was popular, but it has not aged well.

Man of Steel (the movie) is not good. I liked it when I first saw it, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s a disgrace to the character of Superman and everything he stands for. Zack Snyder needs to stop confusing unnecessary edginess for gravity.

The 1989 Batman movie was more of a cultural phenomenon than a good Batman movie.


@DeSade-acolyte her line readings are terrible and she can’t convincingly perform the direction “look at that thing.”

@biff_pow , I’m confused? she can’t perform “look at that thing”?


This thread is right up my alley. Lots of my DC (and pop culture) opinions are of the “unpopular” variety. I’ll provide quick bullet points:

  • New 52 was good. I enjoyed it. Nothing wrong with the New 52.
  • Enjoyed all the “Snyderverse” DC movies, including Justice League.
  • Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies are, generally speaking, great movies, but overrated as Batman movies.
  • Keaton and Affleck were better than Bale.
  • Bendis’s Superman run is great. Nothing wrong with the Jon age jump.
  • We don’t need a Snyder cut and we don’t need a reboot. Just keep moving forward.
  • Heroes in Crisis is a good read.
  • In terms of merchandise and marketing, DC places too much emphasis on Batman and the Bat family.
  • Though I like Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and would be excited to see him in a stand-alone Superman series, I didn’t like how Superman was handled in the last CW crossover.
  • Black Lightning feels a bit slow to me. Can’t get myself invested enough in that show.
    Some Marvel opinions:
  • Thor Ragnarok had too much humor and fell flat for me.
  • Age of Ultron was terrible.
  • Iron Man 3 was the worst in that trilogy.

I’ll second the one about the CW shows becoming unwatchable. I don’t know what it is, but I really haven’t enjoyed any of them this season. I’ve already quit watching “Legends.” It was off for so long that when it finally came back I didn’t care anymore. :man_shrugging:

Here’s one that’s sure to be pretty unpopular: George Perez’s WW run is not the greatest. It’s pretty to look at but man, he messed her history up, not to mention the ripple effect it had on the JLA and Teen Titans.

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I agree about Legends of Tomorrow. I was enjoying it before the break, but when I tried to watch the most recent episode I didn’t care at all.

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