What can we do to save Swamp Thing?

After seeing episode I am convinced that DC truly has something special here with the Swamp Thing tv show. The translation from comic to screen has been nothing short but astounding and the screenwriters have respected the character’s stories and the comic’s mythology, I feel like DC is missing a giant opportunity if they dont find this series another home and deny fans not just a great DC show but a great comic book show period. WHAT CAN WE DO?


At this point, nothing


As I understand it, the sets of Swamp Thing, including the swamp and underwater tank, have been dismantled. These sets cost millions of dollars to build and would cost millions of dollars to recreate.

Had these sets still existed and could be reused, Season 2 would have been cheaper than Season 1, by only a few millions of course.

Without these sets existing, Season 2 is impossible.


I didnt know about the sets being broken down, that is a shame


I think at this point, the most reasonable thing is to push for a Justice League: Dark spin-off.


Maybe just maybe Swamp Thing becomes slated for theatrical movie release.

Love the series absolutely pissed they are taking programming tips from FOX.

They are taking tips from Fox!? The hell… What’s next , selling out to Disney!?

But in all seriousness, dont listen to Fox. Sure they make money, but their creativity is garbage.

For all sake, they broke the X Men. And then just kept smashing even after they found a few nicely polished shards.

I think they should incorporate him into a team seeing that he has actually helped in the comics and shows. Why not make it into a bigger show not only for the Dc app but make it as big as the Flash, Gotham, The Legends, Arrow, and Supergirl.

Donate 50 million to dc

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You’re not going to save it. They’ve already torn down the (very very expensive) set.

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Swamp Thing is done and dusted. Let it sit for a couple of years and see how much truly loyal fan support there is, than start making a push. That’s how we got YJ back.

Live-Action is in vogue now, which means at some point you either follow or change the game. I think it’ll depend on how HQ is received. Are adult themed cartoons the next wave? If you think about it, all of the Netflix Marvel series were very localized, street level, characters with little CGI required and they could shoot on existing locations and the interior sets were considerably less expensive than the swamp.

I think a Question live-Action series would be an idea. It is a location and inexpensive interior sets kinda show.

Swamp Thing is dead move to the acceptance grief stage.

I think ST is a short lived thing. It’ll finish its run, it hasn’t been picked up for international distribution and it will go on the shelf. The clamor will calm down and it will be forgotten for another 20+ years.

Not much my friend. But it was nominated for some award so if it were to win I think that would be in everybody’s best interest who wants another season.

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At this rate, since we didn’t hear anything at SDCC, I think it’s safe to assume it’s not coming back.

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I feel that it not show itself! It is the writer, director and producers that make tv shows and movies better or worst!

If they don’t know what to do? Go back to the original: THE COMIC BOOK!


Well doom patrol got another season and so did young justice yet I can’t find it in me to be happy (despite the fact I would have been happy with this news if I heard it in May) because swamp thing still has only 2 more confirmed episodes left. Although the sliver lining is that doom patrol is also airing on Hbo max which means there is a possible chance that if enough fans write to Hbo and Hbo max about why they should pick up swamp thing then perhaps Hbo max could be convinced to pick up swamp for a second season. #saveswampthing.

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Hi I am new here but I want to do what I can to #saveswampthing. (since it is such a great show.) So I have a few ideas that I am very willing to share.

  1. We contact family and friends who are willing to binge watch swamp thing on www.dcuniverse.com (especially on august 2 which is when the final episode airs.) This will show the network and perhaps other potential networks that a lot of people like the show so they might reconsider.

  2. Write a letter to HBO, Netflix, WB, and/or DC (note that it can be the same letter just to different networks.) listing reasons as to why it would be a good idea for them to pick up the series. For example you could write about how and why all these cast members are amazing in this show, how realistic swamp thing looks, and how much you love that this shows covers the supernatural side of the dcu.

  3. Figure out why it got cancel and see if anyone would be able to fix the problem.

That is all the ideas that I have for right now and I hope this helps! Feel free to post these ideas on other sites because I don’t have a twitter or facebook accoun

At this point I don’t there’s anything we can do and it’s sad

Unfortunately I dont think theres anything we can do which is sad